This photoshopped LSU helmet that is modeled after Navy's lid is making its rounds on the internet. What do you think?
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Here are the helmets that Navy wore during its rivalry matchup vs. Army last season:

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geauxgurl110 months
Like it - players would like it. I think we could use a little "bling"!
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molsusports115 months
They should use that helmet if they play Army :) Very nice looking, whoever did those for Navy should be proud
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adono115 months
There's a reason why teams like Oklahoma, Alabama, USC, Ohio State, Michigan, Auburn and LSU don't mess with their uniforms...they don't need bling to get noticed.

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reed morton115 months
Very different but would look great. Use it for all of the away games. Keep tradition look at home games.
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jrejr22115 months
This helmet would look great with the solid white uniforms for a one time appearance.
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TinCupTiger115 months
Love it! Where can I get one?
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tigerbutt115 months
Love it. Only thing I would like to see changed is the lettering font. Use the new LSU letter style.
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SpookeyTiger115 months
For a one time game, sure. But LSU is LSU and I like the traditional helmets.
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Jason9782003115 months
Normally, I hate these new look uniforms, but I really like this. I could accept it as a permanent change for two reasons: I love the LSU/tiger decal on the white background and it has the old gold (real school color) instead of the canary yellow.
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11thACR115 months
It belongs in a jet fighter as the pilots helmet....great look but Not LSU
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HeavyCore115 months
Thanks Forever, I couldn't find it.
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Peliclown115 months
Love it
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jayboy504115 months
Big Time... Strap em' on right now!
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wallowinit115 months
It's a cool looking helmet for some team that has no identity.

Maybe if there were still such a thing as a JV team anymore. It might would work for that.
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Broham115 months
I love it for a one time deal.
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24chevrolet48115 months
If it's a one-time deal, then yea I like it. And NO to that pro combat crap That looks sooo ugly, its real for a school who has no identity !!
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Datbayoubengal115 months
Oh man, that would be sick! Make it happen somebody.
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chesty115 months
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JumpingTheShark115 months
Do not want.
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ForeverLSU02115 months
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