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Yup, you read that correctly...

An Ole Miss student was arrested this week after he ate a goldfish inside an LSU dorm more than two years ago during the LSU-Ole Miss game on campus in 2016.

Here are the wild details, according to WBRZ:

According to an arrest warrant obtained by LSU police in 2016, the victim allowed her ex-boyfriend and two of his friends to stay at her dorm in Blake Hall on the weekend of the LSU-Ole Miss football game.

When the victim returned to her room after the game on Oct. 22, she allowed one of the men, Maxwell Taffin, inside to retrieve his belongings. As Taffin exited the room, he remarked to the victim that she should "check your fish tank" before hurrying out the door.

When the woman checked the tank, she noticed her pet fish was missing. She later showed police a photo she received from Taffin's phone following the encounter which showed feces in a toilet accompanied by the text "found your fish".
Super weird...

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We really gonna arrest someone two years after he allegedly ate a goldfish?...I think our judicial system could probably be used more wisely than this.
Reply6 days
Book it. This kid will receive a harsher sentence for eating an LSU goldfish than the Bama fan who tea-bagged the LSU student on 1-9-12.
Reply7 days
Is that Jim McElwain's son?
Reply8 days
Definitely posts on the sec rant.
Reply9 days
9 days
Typical landshark.
Reply9 days
Something sounds fishy here.
Reply9 days
A) the guy looks like an Ole Miss fan. B) He looks like the type of guy that would take photo's of his poo...
Reply9 days
Dude needs to fry.
Reply9 days
One fish, Chew fish, Dead fish, Poo fish
Reply9 days
Not enough UPVOTES for this comment.
9 days
Literal LOL... nicely played sir
9 days
9 days
God damn mad men on the street in BR now we got this holding up operation. Got it makes sense Louisiana
Reply10 days
Ummmm what's the statute of limitations on that?
Reply10 days
Its 4 years. It was a felony.
10 days
How could she prove it? He never outright said he did it. Couldve been one of the other guys. Sounds fishy.
Reply10 days
She received the photo from his phone. But I doubt you’ll read this if you didn’t even read the story.
10 days
GoldenG, it was a pic of poop. Thats not evidence. Also, did YOU fully read my post? Remove the scales from your eyes. Your sarcasm meter is broken. However there is no way for her to prove he really took the fish.
10 days
He admitted it, Matlock.
10 days
That was shitty
Reply10 days
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