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The list of 319 players invited to the 2023 NFL Combine was released on Wednesday, which includes nine players from LSU.

Micah Baskerville, LB
Kayshon Boutte, WR
Anthony Bradford, OL
Mekhi Garner, DB
Ali Gaye, DL
Jaray Jenkins, WR
BJ Ojulari, LB
Jaquelin Roy, DL
Jay Ward, DB

The NFL combine will kick off in Indianapolis on February 28.
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Scotcho Libre12 months
I wish Mike Jones had received an invitation. I’m sure there is a team that would know how to use his skill set.
user avatar
BobABooey12 months
user avatar
Areddishfish12 months
How much do I get paid because of this?
user avatar
theBru12 months
Congrats to these Tigers. Keep up the hard work & continue to follow your dream of playing for pay!
user avatar
TigerOnTheMountain12 months
Boy you’re going to be amazed when you find out about NIL
user avatar
NPComb12 months
Nice. Only 4 less than Bama.
user avatar
MrWalkingMan12 months
Only 4 “fewer” than Alabama. Some of you can’t help proving you were educated in a barn
user avatar
KennabraTiger12 months
Stannis Baratheon just corrected you baw
user avatar
ColdTurkey12 months
I would have horse laughed if they would've invited Myles Brennan, he shows up at 265-270, fiddles with some balls checking em out, then he just destroys every throw and drill of the combine leaving every jaw dropped. What a waste! But hey, we did just oh you know WIN THE WEST WITHOUT HIM!
user avatar
Schmelly12 months
Show us on the doll where Jayden touched your mom
user avatar
Lsutigerturner12 months
Missing converse and also I really think jenkins is going to do well in the nfl
user avatar
SpencerRob12 months
No Bernard Converse?
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