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The NCAA Football rules committee met this week and has proposed changes for targeting penalties, overtime rules, and blindside blocks.


The committee, chaired by Stanford coach David Shaw, proposed a progressive penalty for those student-athletes who receive a second targeting foul in the same season. In addition to being disqualified from that game, the player would be suspended for the team’s next contest.

The second adjustment to the targeting rule deals with the instant replay review. Instant replay officials will be directed to examine all aspects of the play and confirm the foul when all elements of targeting are present. If any element of targeting cannot be confirmed, then the replay official will overturn the targeting foul. There will not be an option for letting the call on the field stand during a targeting review.

“The targeting rule has been effective in changing player behavior,” said Steve Shaw, NCAA secretary-rules editor. “The progressive penalty is to ensure that a player re-evaluates his technique, with coaching staff support, after he receives a targeting foul. Additionally, the instant replay review changes will ensure that when a player is disqualified, it is clearly warranted.”

The committee proposed a tweak to the overtime rules. If a game reaches a fifth overtime, teams would run alternating 2-point plays, instead of starting another drive at the opponent’s 25-yard line. This recommendation is being made to limit the number of plays from scrimmage and to bring the game to a conclusion.

The committee also is proposing a two-minute rest period after the second and fourth overtimes. The rules for the first four overtimes would remain unchanged.

Blind-Side Blocks:
The committee recommended a change in blind-side blocking technique. Players will not be allowed to deliver a blind-side block by attacking an opponent with forcible contact. It will be considered a personal foul and a 15-yard penalty. If the block also includes the elements of targeting, it will be a blind-side block with targeting.
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user avatar
Chasin Tail64 months
user avatar
ByUselves64 months
Why dont we just let bama & Clemson play a game if tiddly winks from now on for the NC.
user avatar
GeauxsomeMeaux64 months
Too little... and Definitely too Late!!!
user avatar
km64 months
Blindside hit should have been outlawed years ago.
user avatar
Barbellthor64 months
Ok not bad. I do like that if it can’t be unequivocally confirmed then you don’t call it. Still feels vague somehow.
user avatar
Michael T. Tiger64 months
Might as well just flip a freakin' coin and call it a day.
user avatar
Shotgun Willie64 months
Hell might as well go to a kickoff between kickers after 4th OT
user avatar
finchmeister0864 months
Can someone explain what is meant by the "alternating 2-point plays"? I'm not getting it.
user avatar
Spelt it rong64 months
Each possession will be just a two point conversion attempt. They'll alternate between the two teams until one doesn't convert
user avatar
cra_cra64 months
This is what happens when you put idiots in charge. He clearly doesn’t get it.
user avatar
dustytiger12364 months
i disagree with changing the overtime rules, that was one of the most exciting games in football i have ever seen, because of the 7 overtimes... it happens so rarely, why not accept it for what it is? Would be better to focus on the fact thst it should have never been in overtime, lsu won the game three times before overtime even started..
user avatar
CDawson64 months
That many snaps and a game that lomgnisnnas fornthe players. The targeting rule remains the worst rule in all of sports. Disqualification should not be a penalty.
user avatar
cstewa764 months
May present more opportunity for injury as you get to an additional half of football. That may be what they are trying to prevent also. Instead of potentially 13 plays from scrimmage it’s just 1.
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