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Longtime LSU strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt was a guest on ESPN's Baton Rouge radio show "Culotta and the Prince" Tuesday and said that running back Leonard Fournette "destroyed" the condition test this week.

“Leonard gets a lot of press about his weight and all that,” Moffitt said on the air. “But our fan base can rest assured that the big man came out this morning and destroyed it. (Fournette) for his size was phenomenal and really stood out. I don’t remember a back in recent history that was impressive on their conditioning test as that guy was... he was phenomenal."
Some the conditioning tests that were performed were vertical jumps, broad jumps, medicine ball throw for distance, and the 40-yard dash.

Moffit later elaborated in the interview how Fournette has taken the offseason very seriously.

"Leonard has great character and great work effort." Moffit said. "He came out this morning and lit this conditioning test up. And then he walked into the weight room and ten sets of legs, six sets of squats, and followed that up with four set of split squats and RDL's, and just destroyed it."

"He does a phenomenal job. He is in tip-top physical condition right this minute. He's game ready. So now we will spend the rest of the summer getting his faster and more dynamic."
You heard it folks, he's in tip-top physical condition right this minute and game ready. And that should make LSU fans extremely happy and pumped up for the football season.
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Champagne98 months
LF7 is not going to be remembered forever because of his athletic achievements. He will be remembered for that, of course, but, I predict that he'll be more honored as a man of gigantic stature, character, leadership, and influence for his achievements outside of athletics. LF7 is going to do great things.
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Datbayoubengal98 months
You need at least one of these players on every great team. Fournette is one of those legendary types where his success, leadership, and character become almost mythical 20-30 years down the road.
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UGATiger2698 months
I'm pretty sure anyone who has been following LF's career was not worried in the least about him taking his physical conditioning seriously.
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SmoothOperator9697 months
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Mr Fusion98 months
Is his value higher as a leader/example, or in his yardage? The man seems to do no wrong!
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AustinKnight98 months
Can never say enough about how this should help the team as a whole having a player like this on our team.
user avatar
Sterling Archer98 months
I want numbers dammnit
user avatar
Rakim97 months
And i jizzed in my pants
user avatar
Chris Warner97 months
$$$ year
user avatar
Random LSU Hero98 months
Holy frickin FAP, Batman!
user avatar
ShlikStyck97 months
don't peak too early big fella
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