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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron spoke on the SEC Coaches Teleconference Wednesday and said that Austin Deculus and Badara Traore are competing at right tackle this week in practice to see who will start vs. Auburn and that it will come down to a game-time decision.

Deculus started the season as LSU's backup left guard behind Garrett Brumfield but moved back to his natural position this week to challenge Traore for the starting spot while Adrian Magee is out with an injury.

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shotcaller169 months
Lots of fear in the comments below. There’s a reason why they’re called pussy cats
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philly44469 months
Congrats to Deculus on getting the start.
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BTRDD69 months
We are in trouble with the OLine issues.
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Deculus>Traore. Easy easy easy decision.
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Sweet daddy69 months
The heat in Louisiana would have those northern boys walking around with an oxygen tank. Our problem bad luck,bad luck, bad luck.
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AustinKnight69 months
The really bothersome question is how in the Hell we have gotten so weak on the O Line ? I mean let’s hire a coach from somewhere in the Midwest and start pulling those corn feed SOBs down south. I mean they love food so we already have a leg up. Also to add I like the mentality and physicality a line like Wisconsin play with so what’s the hold up making that happen.
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NWLAtiger5569 months
I don’t think our OL is weak as a whole. Charles is damn good, Brumfield has his struggles but overall has been solid. Cush has actually been surprisingly consistent. Hasn’t had his name called so that’s always a positive sign for an O-Lineman. Lewis struggled a bit against Willis week one but has been solid overall. Biggest problem has been RT. This sole position has hampered our entire offense and has altered the play calling/formations we have been able to run. We need to get Magee back in a hurry! Traore isn’t ready he looks like he’s wearing concrete shoes and bends at the waist instead of sinking his hips in pass protection.
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Barbellthor69 months
Starting right tackle Magee got hurt. Starting right guard Ed Ingram suspended for charges for an alleged act that I think happened before he came to campus. Traore clearly needs some more practice/adjusting time. The rest are good, but we're down to two second string guys on the right side of the line already. Oh, and last week I think Saahdiq Charles was suspended for the game, so that was three starters out.
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DlineU69 months
Wasn't Traore the #1 Juco tackle in the nation and a 5 star? What's his deal is it lack of effort or was the so called expert scouts just flat out wrong?
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voodooidotwo69 months
Yes he was. I watched him get abused two weeks in a row. He needs to sit and earn the spot. We really need McGee back rn
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MardiGrasCajun69 months
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he's probably not mature as well as being a slow learner. It just takes some guys a tad longer than others to grasp things thus the route through JUCO. With that said, all of that could coincide with not being a hard worker on and off the field. Time will tell.
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FLObserver69 months
yeah if 91 from SE louisiana is schooling your RT then imagine what a SEC d line will do
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Petroleum Adam69 months
Deculus looked ok on the left side last week vs SELU. He gets my vote. Traore routinely looks lost, The auburn d-line would take his lunch money.
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