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LSU moved up four spots to No. 21 in the Coaches Poll after Saturday's 33-10 win over Arkansas.

The Tigers returned to the AP Top 25 at No. 21.

Coaches Poll:
1. Alabama (63) 10-0
2. Miami 9-0
3. Clemson 9-1
4. Wisconsin 10-0
5. Oklahoma 9-1
6. Auburn 8-2
7. Georgia 9-1
8. Ohio State 8-2
9. Notre Dame 8-2
10. USC 9-2
11. Penn State 8-2
12. UCF 9-0
13. Oklahoma State 8-2
14. TCU 8-2
15. Washington 8-2
16. Washington State 9-2
17. Memphis 8-1
18. Michigan 8-2
19. Mississippi State 7-3
20. South Florida 8-1
21. LSU 7-3
22. NC State 7-3
23. Stanford 7-3
24. Michigan State 7-3
25. West Virginia 7-3

Dropped from rankings: Virginia Tech 17, Iowa State 23

Others receiving votes: Virginia Tech 94, Northwestern 67, Arizona 54, Boise State 40, South Carolina 33, Iowa 16, Kentucky 16, Army 14, San Diego State 11, Iowa State 9, Troy 5, Ohio 2

AP Top 25:
1. Alabama(57) 10-0
2. Miami(4) 9-0
3. Oklahoma 9-1
4. Clemson 9-1
5. Wisconsin 10-0
6. Auburn 8-2
7. Georgia 9-1
8. Ohio State 8-2
9. Notre Dame 8-2
10. Oklahoma State 8-2
11. TCU 8-2
12. USC 9-2
13. Penn State 8-2
14. UCF 9-0
15. Washington State 9-2
16. Washington 8-2
17. Mississippi State 7-3
18. Memphis 8-1
19. Michigan 8-2
20. Stanford 7-3
21. LSU 7-3
22. Michigan State 7-3
23. South Florida 8-1
24. West Virginia 7-3
25. NC State 7-3

Dropped from rankings: Virginia Tech 17, Iowa State 24, Iowa 25

Others receiving votes: Virginia Tech 110, Northwestern 72, Arizona 49, Iowa State 27, Boise State 6, Georgia Tech 6, Army 3, Iowa 2, South Carolina 2
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The sports media (AP) and the coaches don't agree about Oklahoma I see. I so desperately want to see that high octane Sooner offense and Mayfield play a real defense. If Oklahoma can shred an Auburn, Clemson, Miami, or Bama defense then I will finally salute ole Baker Mayfield and his offense. But I must see it first.
Reply11 months
Notre Dame, wtf ever. They've lost to the only good teams they played.
Reply11 months
Is this a new Lollipop Guild Snapchat filter DW was trying out?
Reply11 months
How I would love to have that Troy game back and the state game for that matter. These guys need to start taking the offseason more seriously. If we don't lose Herron, Key, and our OL then we probably start much different. Every player is important, and these guys need to start taking care of their business for the team. Every year we have some idiots who don't do what they need to do in the offseason and it hurts the season. At some point I would like to see LSU start recruiting smart football players so we don't have to worry about class issues. When we can't get the untra talented player, at least recruit the smart ones who are going to grow into men. It's time LSU recruit a different level of player between the ears. GT
Reply11 months
UCF - Yeah 9-0 but they play opponents like the Deaf Blind Girls Club of Southwest Rhode Island!!!
Reply11 months
I promise u we would hang 50 on memphis and ucf
Reply11 months
Most awkward photo ever
Reply11 months
Why does Darrel Williams look so midgety in that photo?
11 months
I'd swap tOSU and OU
Reply11 months
What logic would you possibly use.
11 months
11 months
I am surprised we climbed up to #21 in both polls. We are playing winning football and are a much better team than earlier in the season, but we just don’t have any ranked teams ahead on our schedule. That makes it hard to move up. But all you can do is beat the team that’s on your schedule and keep improving. Then recruit like hell in the offseason! Geaux Tigers!
Reply11 months
Ohio State at #8 is funny as f@#%!
Reply11 months
Yea, if you're ohio state you can get smoked by over 30 points and still be in the top 10. What a joke that is. The bell ringers should have beaten the gumps last night but their coach chose to punt late on a 4th and 3, game over. Mullin choked
11 months
Darrell Williams looks like a midget in that pic.
Reply11 months
11 months
like a midget who pooped his pants
11 months
Yes, it's a very odd picture. Had to take a second look to see if it was actually a video game pic.
11 months
These rankings :lol:
Reply11 months
What about them?
11 months
We would easily beat 11 of the teams ahead of us.
Reply11 months
Would we though?
11 months
11 months
No do overs unless you are ALA in 2011.
11 months
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