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LSU (6-3, 3-2 SEC) fell five spots to No. 25 in the Coaches Poll after Saturday's 24-10 loss to No. 1 Alabama (9-0, 6-0 SEC) in Tuscaloosa. The Tigers fell out of the AP Top 25 after the loss.

Coaches Poll:
1. Alabama (64) 9-0
2. Georgia (1) 9-0
3. Wisconsin 9-0
4. Clemson 8-1
5. Notre Dame 8-1
6. Miami 8-0
7. Oklahoma 8-1
8. Washington 8-1
9. TCU 8-1
10. Auburn 7-2
11. Ohio State 7-2
12. UCF 8-0
13. Penn State 7-2
14. USC 8-2
15. Oklahoma State 7-2
16. Michigan State 7-2
17. Virginia Tech 7-2
18. Mississippi State 7-2
19. Memphis 8-1
20. Washington State 8-2
21. South Florida 8-1
22. Michigan 7-2
23. Iowa State 6-3
24. NC State 6-3
25. LSU 6-3

Dropped from rankings: Stanford 18, Arizona 25

Others receiving votes: West Virginia 120, Iowa 112, Stanford 58, Toledo 31, Boise State 29, Arizona 25, San Diego State 18, South Carolina 6, Northwestern 5, Troy 4, Army 3

AP Top 25:
1. Alabama (56) 9-0
2. Georgia (5) 9-0
3. Notre Dame 8-1
4. Clemson 8-1
5. Oklahoma 8-1
6. Wisconsin 9-0
7. Miami 8-0
8. TCU 8-1
9. Washington 8-1
10. Auburn 7-2
11. Ohio State 7-2
12. Oklahoma State 7-2
13. Michigan State 7-2
14. UCF 8-0
15. USC 8-2
16. Penn State 7-2
17. Virginia Tech 7-2
18. Mississippi State 7-2
19. Washington State 8-2
20. Memphis 8-1
21. Michigan 7-2
22. South Florida 8-1
23. West Virginia 6-3
24. Iowa State 6-3
25. Iowa 6-3

Dropped from rankings: Stanford 18, LSU 19, NC State 20, Arizona 23

Others receiving votes: LSU 142, NC State 101, Toledo 31, Stanford 22, Boise State 14, Arizona 14, Northwestern 6, Army 2, San Diego State 1
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user avatar
The Belk78 months
Looks glad we're going to end up right about where everybody picked us... outside of the rant
user avatar
TigerSpray78 months
What's #7 driving this week? upgrade?
user avatar
timlan205778 months
Lol. So now we’re arguing about whether we should be ranked 24-25 or unranked. Man, we’re really competing for championships.
user avatar
saintlad7478 months
Ever since the AP awarded USC that fake National Championship, I quit paying attention to them. They are just a bunch of writers catering to the larger fan base. Most have never played real football anyway, so their opinions shouldn't matter.
user avatar
Mouche33778 months
This is why I don't like these polls. It's not about who's better, it's about who they want to see ranked. There's a computer system that actually calculates a top 25 rank based on point differential, strength of schedule, etc. Completely un bias and computes a rank by the numbers. It isn't acknowledged because it takes the human equation out of the rankings. The human equation is exactly what's wrong with the rankings because voters have thier own personal agendas. Ohio State got obliterated by Iowa. What do the voters do? Rank Iowa so they can keep OSU ranked at #11. Now it doesn't seem like that bad of a loss because Iowa is ranked. The only reason Bama dropped from #1 was because of the potential loss to LSU. They couldn't have a win against the #1 team in the country placed on LSU's resume. The biasness is real and it is shameful!
user avatar
ForeverEllisHugh78 months
In what universe does it make sense to drop #19 for losing to #1? That's supposed to happen...
user avatar
DBcUper78 months
The AP poll has always been a big steaming pile of Bull Shite.
user avatar
Lexman178 months
Who cares? Didn’t get it done. No moral victories. Just win out, get a decent bowl game, kick the crap out of whoever we play, and you have a 10 win season. Not bad!
user avatar
nola00078 months
So they think West Virginia, Iowa State and Iowa would are better than LSU?! L O L
user avatar
ExpoTiger78 months
All those teams u listed deserve respect. Doesn’t mean LEU couldn’t defeat them but they are good teams
user avatar
Mouche33778 months
I was thinking the EXACT same thing!
user avatar
nola00078 months
I agree ExpoTiger but if they bothered to actually watch the games they would see that LSU played the #2/#1 team in the Nation better than anybody. Iowa is the only one I could see them keeping above LSU just because of the asswhooping they put on Ohio State.
user avatar
Mulerider78 months
The way our line play looked against Bama I would take our chances against anybody. QB still can't throw a deep ball but we would man handle just about anybody out there not wearing Crimson.
user avatar
Lake Vegas Tiger78 months
These polls show how out of touch the voters are
user avatar
luciouslou78 months
There aint 25 teams In the country that wanna play LSU right now
user avatar
la champ178 months
Agree. That’s some bs falling out of the poll. Statistically we beat them in every category but turnover and scoreboard. Minus the short field on that INT that cost an easy TD, we have played them the toughest so far. Should have at least stayed in the same spot.
user avatar
TutHillTiger78 months
Well I guess if we beat Bama we would be what 22?
user avatar
HueyP78 months
And Bama would be number 3.
user avatar
Mr Fusion78 months
These rankings are ridiculous. Ohio State gets embarrassed by an unranked team, falls to 11. LSU plays the best game anyone this season has had against #1, but falls out? I know, don't lose to Troy, and we'd be top 15. But you can tell the voters aren't watching these games.
user avatar
LSUbayouTigers78 months
The coach's have the right idea!!
user avatar
jimbeam78 months
Ohio State :rotflmao:
user avatar
mcpotiger78 months
Noshite... gets destroyed stays in top 10. Polls are BS
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