LSU (3-2, 2-1 SEC) dropped to No. 23 in the AP Top 25 and the Coaches Poll after Saturday's 55-49 loss at Ole Miss.

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AP Top 25:
1. Georgia (35) 5-0
2. Michigan (12) 5-0
3. Texas (10) 5-0
4. Ohio State (1) 4-0
5. Florida State (4) 4-0
6. Penn State 5-0
7. Washington 5-0
8. Oregon 5-0
9. USC 5-0
10. Notre Dame 5-1
11. Alabama 4-1
12. Oklahoma 5-0
13. Washington State 4-0
14. North Carolina 4-0
15. Oregon State 4-1
16. Ole Miss 4-1
17. Miami 4-0
18. Utah 4-1
19. Duke 4-1
20. Kentucky 5-0
21. Missouri 5-0
22. Tennessee 4-1
23. LSU 3-2
24. Fresno State 5-0
25. Louisville 5-0

Others receiving votes: Maryland 81, Kansas State 44, Texas A&M 31, UCLA 19, Tulane 8, Air Force 7, Wisconsin 6, West Virginia 5, Clemson 5, Kansas 3, James Madison 3, Colorado 1

Dropped from rankings: Florida 22, Kansas 24

Coaches Poll:
1. Georgia 5-0 (59)
2. Michigan 5-0 (1)
3. Ohio State 4-0 (2)
4. Texas 5-0 (1)
5. Florida State 4-0
6. Penn State 5-0
7. USC 5-0
8. Washington 5-0
9. Oregon 5-0
10. Alabama 4-1
11. Notre Dame 5-1
12. Oklahoma 5-0
13. North Carolina 4-0
14. Washington State 4-0
15. Ole Miss 4-1
16. Oregon State 4-1
17. Miami (FL) 4-0
18. Tennessee 4-1
19. Utah 4-0
20. Kentucky 5-0
21. Duke 4-1
22. Missouri 5-0
23. LSU 3-2
24. Fresno State 5-0
25. Louisville 5-0

Others receiving votes: Maryland 81, Kansas State 73, Texas A&M 59, Air Force 32, UCLA 29, Clemson 18, Iowa 17, Wyoming 12, Kansas 11, Tulane 10, James Madison 8, West Virginia 6, BYU 5, Marshall 3, Wisconsin 3, Ohio 2, Memphis 1, Florida 1

Dropped from rankings: Florida 23, Kansas 24, Kansas State 25
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user avatar
BlackTiger8910 months
If we had 2 stud corner like we always have had and a consistent pass rush we'd probably be undefeated and rank #3 in the country but thats life...
user avatar
tigerbite210 months
We look somewhat lethargic on defense as the game wears on...Most of that is attributed to improper conditioning....
user avatar
GruntbyAssociation10 months
This was obvious against FSU. That second half was embarrassing.
user avatar
BurrowToChase10 months
This team should not be ranked
user avatar
gotiger10 months
From 5 to 23 in 5 weeks. If they didn't rank teams to start the season, we wouldn't be ranked
user avatar
kjntgr10 months
Why would lsu tweet that
user avatar
TabasgeauxHD10 months
What do you mean we didnt get any first place votes????? :O
user avatar
TigerB810 months
this team has 4-5 more losses coming in hot...and with no recruits of notoriety on the horizon, gonna be some lean years ahead if we don't start buying players like Ohio State and UGA.
user avatar
Bige1110 months
LSUs DNA and identity is a stifling defense and elite secondary.
Yes we needed to move the offense into the modern age, but great defenses are the hardest to achieve and element that wins championships. We should have never let that slip.
With that said BK is dealing with a lot of young guys and Os leftovers. Still too soon to lay this all on him.
user avatar
BigPapaLSU10 months
No reason to lose if you put up that many points in a game.
user avatar
CanebreakCajun10 months
90% of your arse clowns didn't go to LSU and the other 90% haven't even been to a game. STTDB.
user avatar
SeafoodPlatter10 months
I have done both, fire everybody
user avatar
OldMailman10 months
So what if you went, played and still go to LSU games CanebreakCajun?? Then you can SMyTDB!!
user avatar
tenderfoot tigah10 months
Did you play for the Saints? Did you play for any NFL team? I guess you can't be a fan of an NFL team.
user avatar
tigerbutt10 months
23/23 in 23
user avatar
cphill10 months
TBH, I'm not sure how we're even still ranked...
user avatar
tonydtiger10 months
Certainly don't deserve to be ranked, that's for sure!
user avatar
CallmeSteveo10 months
Can we schedule MSU twice next year
user avatar
tonydtiger10 months
Would be nice, but unfortunately we don't play them at all next year.
user avatar
Tiger in Texas10 months
How the hell can LSU still be ranked?? Well, I am sure it will not be much longer...
user avatar
Jabontik10 months
Still way over ranked.
user avatar
CrystalPreserves10 months
Got the Woody/Jimbo money; don’t care
user avatar
LSU is a grade A mother fricking embarrassment. That's all that needs to be said..
user avatar
Domeskeller10 months
It’s a joke LSU is still ranked.
user avatar
MSTiger3310 months
They should be unranked
user avatar
lsu4life7710 months
We play better when we are unranked.
user avatar
Somebody call Jim Carrey
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