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After the completion of week 4, LSU has dropped to No. 6 in the latest ESPN Football Power Index rankings, despite beat Syracuse 34-24 last Saturday.

Here is how the FPI is explained according to ESPN:

The Football Power Index (FPI) is a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team's performance going forward for the rest of the season. FPI represents how many points above or below average a team is. Projected results are based on 10,000 simulations of the rest of the season using FPI, results to date, and the remaining schedule. Ratings and projections update daily.
1. Ole Miss, SEC 4-0
2. Baylor, Big 12 3-0
3. USC, Pac-12 3-1
4. Alabama, SEC 3-1
5. Georgia, SEC 4-0
6. LSU, SEC 3-0
7. OSU, Big Ten 4-0
8. TCU, Big 12 4-0
9. Notre Dame, FBS Indep. 4-0
10. Texas A&M, SEC 4-0
11. Oklahoma, Big 12 3-0
12. UCLA, Pac-12 4-0
13. West Virginia, Big 12 3-0
14. Tennessee, SEC 2-2
15. Clemson, ACC 3-0
16. Stanford, Pac-12 3-1
17. FSU, ACC 3-0
18. Georgia Tech, ACC 2-2
19. Utah, Pac-12 4-0
20. Michigan State, Big Ten 4-0
21. Michigan, Big Ten 3-1
22. Miss St, SEC 3-1
23. Florida, SEC 4-0
24. Cal, Pac-12 4-0
25. Oklahoma State, Big 12 4-0
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Uncle Brady105 months
4. Alabama, SEC 3-1 ; LOL
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geauxtigers585105 months
user avatar
LSUAce007105 months
"Lulz" at everyone taking this poll seriously. No, they don't take head-to-head matchups into consideration. This poll is 100% composed by computer simulations; just as it says in the post. Quit picking apart a computer generated poll, and quit acting like ESPN has some sort of agenda by posting the poll. Just take it for what it is and move along. The only thing these kinds of power polls should actually be used for is handicapping.
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olgoi khorkhoi105 months
Fla 9 spots behind Tenn, despite being undefeated and having beaten the Vols....

ESPN's not even trying here.
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graychef105 months
And lulz at Stanford being 13 spots behind USC. I guess scoreboard doesn't matter.
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LSUAce007105 months
The FPI is 67% picking against the spread this season. It most certainly is not garbage.
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earl keese105 months
Most of these polls make absolutely no sense to me. Like this one.
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earl keese105 months
Most of these polls make absolutely no sense to me. Like this one.
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Quid Pro Quo105 months
This is misleading, 4 games vs 3. These are overall records not SEC conference and Division records. ALA is 0-1 and 5th in the SEC West and 3 games behind LSU at 2-0 in the West. A loss at GA and they will be out of it. LSU, and GA are the only two teams at 2-0 in the SEC that have played 2 divisional games. LSU has been hurt in the index by being last in the SEC in penalties, missing a game, and by margin of victory - pts scored for and against. A potential 48-3 victory at Syracuse, where we were favored by 24 pts, was reduced to 34-24 by 14 penalties vs a team with a 5th string walk-on QB. Those penalties prevented Fournette from having 360 yards vs Syracuse and 2 more TDs, 745 yards for 3 games - where he was after after 11 games last year, throw in McNeese and that could have been 1000 yds. Penalties also cost 17 pts at Miss State making a blowout a tossup. Plus LSU D has given up 90% of their pts in 2nd half, mainly 4th Qtr. All of that influences FPI which will change.
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LSUbest105 months
The FPI is garbage, it shouldn't even be published.
user avatar
bountyhunter105 months
Georgia has a very weak schedule, and the SEC-E is a pushover. The only challenge on their schedule is Bama.
user avatar
graychef105 months
Tennessee at 14? Maybe if they only go by the 1st half.
user avatar
DoubleDown105 months
Careful laughing at Bama. If we win this weekend, watch. out.
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