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LSU quarterback Joe Burrow chatted with ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit and Ian Fitzsimmons for the latest podcast episode of "Herbstreit & Fitzsimmons." Many things were discussed and you can listen to the full segment here.

For those that can't listen, here's what was said...

How much fun are you having? You have served as a backup for a while, what's it feel like to play in these high profile games and taking names?
“It’s been a great experience so far. Obviously being a backup for three years was tough because I’m such a competition. Now that I’m getting my shot, it’s been really fun.”

On LSU’s offense so far…
“The first three weeks we have been figuring out who we are as an offense. I think the direction of where our offense is going is really suited for my skill set.”

On executing at loud Jordan Hare Stadium last week…
“It’s how I have always been, the stage has never been too big for me. The coaches came up with great game-plan and stuck to it the whole game. When it came down the stretch we made the plays that needed to be made.”

On media doubting the Tigers early and praising them now…
“You just have to be level-headed: when it’s going bad and when it’s going good. You have to block out the noise. Everyone was saying how we were barely going to make a bowl game, now we have two top 10 wins and they’re telling us how great we are. You have to stay even-keeled and focus on getting better every day and having great practices.”

On how he sees the offense growing…
“What helps is the chemistry of us all playing together for three weeks and having two big wins. Chemistry comes with experience and experience breeds confidence. We have a lot of confidence in ourselves and I think the offense is going to take off in the next couple of weeks.”

On growing up in a football family…
“I don’t know what its like to not be around football. It’s basically all we talk about as a family. I think being around it allowed me to understand the game better than other people.”

On taking hits vs. sliding…
“I have really never thought about sliding but I was sore after the [Auburn] game. I’m going to try and take a couple of hits off myself. But my mindset is touchdown, first down, get down. If it's 3-on-1 I might get down, but if it’s 1-on-1 I’m going to try to get as many yards as I can.”

On Derrick Dillon’s TD vs. Auburn…
"I have seen him run before but never that fast. As soon as he caught it he was gone, no one was catching him."

On keeping tabs on his former Ohio State teammates…
“I do keep track of them, I’m still in group chats with them. I haven’t had a chance to watch their games yet but I definitely keep in touch with those guys.”

On the hype that would come from a potential postseason matchup with Ohio State…
“It would definitely be hyped, and it would very weird but there is a long season to go before that happens.”

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user avatar
ByUselves65 months
Jeaux Cool Burrow! Going to be a fun 2 years!
user avatar
TigerSpray65 months
He can beat bama twice and uga three times this year.
user avatar
Tiger Prawn65 months
He ain't beating UGA 3 times because the only chance at both LSU and UGA making the CFP is by going 1-1 head to head in regular season and SEC title game in a close game. If LSU wins both the regular season and SEC title game matchups, UGA isn't getting into CFP with 2 losses and no conference championship
user avatar
eugene1928LSU65 months
What a catch by O and Coach E. If this guy navigates wins against the gumps and ugass, he's a Heisman winner and we're in the playoffs.
user avatar
Hair of the Dog65 months
"Ugass" I love it!
user avatar
LSUsince7465 months
This guy is a true Tiger!
user avatar
Violent Tally65 months
Vey smart and talented young man.
user avatar
cypresstiger65 months
Says all the right things. And does them
user avatar
good_2_geaux65 months
he does a great job of answering repetitive interview questions, almost as if he came from a football family or something
user avatar
Walt OReilly65 months
Love this kid
user avatar
wasteland65 months
I love you
user avatar
randybobandy65 months
Herb Kirkstreet? My favorite Condon Rickyism. LOL
user avatar
wasteland65 months
The way she goes...
user avatar
BoudreauxinGA65 months
This kid is likeable. He exudes confidence and has a humble approach to the game, a respect for the difficulty of it and a respect for his opponent. LSU is lucky to have him for 2 years.
user avatar
cuyahoga tiger65 months
Not since Matt Flynn have we had a QB that could articulate his thoughts in this manner.
user avatar
tlsu1565 months
I don’t know what you mean by this. Brandon Harris doesn’t know football, but he speaks very well.
user avatar
Nolaughingmatter65 months
Russell Shepard was an awesome speaker though I'm not sure if he qualifies as a quarterback.
user avatar
AustinKnight65 months
Correction for ya Harris knew football but on gameday couldn’t hit the broad side of a Barnyard door.
user avatar
GeologyGrad8865 months
Hey TD staff reporter, it is Herbstreit not Herstreit. Good grief!
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