While sitting next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at a fan forum Monday, former LSU and current New York Jets rookie safety Jamal Adams had an interesting response when the subject of CTE and player safety came up. Per ESPN:

When the conversation turned to CTE and player safety, each man gave his thoughts. As a defensive player, Adams said he's "not a big fan" of rules that protect offensive players, but that he understands the league's emphasis on safety.

Then came the fingernails-across-the-blackboard moment.

"Literally, if I had the perfect place to die," Adams said, "I'd die on the field.
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pellietigersaint80 months
Look.....everyone has a choice. Its overblown. Ues it exists, but other sports put you at risk too. If you want to get paid Millions then you got to put yourself at risk. Don't come crying after retirement wanting to make some money after you signed a contract to play the game
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Spankum80 months
glad I read this...the comment is a whole lot more palatable when you take it context.
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Lexman180 months
I thought like that, too, when I was younger and playing sports. Now I am disabled with multiple brain tumors and it kind of changes your perspective. Still, I understand Jamal's passion and I know where he's coming from. Full steam ahead, bro!
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billf709580 months
I appreciate the passion, but that comment should have been thought out a little more.
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theOG80 months
Poor guy.
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S80 months
Lol wish we had a gif of Rog's reaction
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But props to Jamal for saying that in front of Roger, because Roger really DGaF about safety, it's about saving his own arse
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Or just don't lead with your head, make millions of dollars,and live out your days fat and happy with sore knees. These guys all know the risk involved with football, and they're paid appropriately
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lsu13lsu80 months
They all feel that way when they are young and getting paid well. Then when their career is over they want to sue the league.
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litenin80 months
That would be a much better option than having CTE and forgetting your young child in a hot car during the summer (as a 40 yr old retired player) or not being able to do simple everyday activities in your 50s/60s.
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Techdog8980 months
He means when he's acting. Remember he gave a couple of Academy Award performances at LSU. I loved it!
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Sum3rian80 months
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