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SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey is down in Destin, Florida this week for SEC Spring Meetings and suggested that the conference could implement “availability reports” leading up to games.

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Mouche33723 days
Sankey has always been a POS! Why are y'all surprised by this? Saban is no longer lining his pockets, so he has to find a way to supplement that lost income!
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Jester26 days
This is driven purely by gambling and frick all that degeneracy.
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LsuNav27 days
Let’s see. Kids mismanaging their NIL money and going into debt. Why not throw a little legalized gambling in the mix.
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HeadSlash27 days
Gambling has taken over
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TygerDurden27 days
Absolutely this is directly related to college sports betting.
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TigersJump26 days
The globalist FreeMasons have their evil grubby little hands in all gambling. Why would college be any different?
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LSU82Cajun27 days
College sports as we use to know it has sailed off into the wide blue yonder. College athletes, coaches are one now. What I’m truly sorry about is the regular student trying to get an education at either a sports school or an activist school. Students trying to earn a degree are being massively short changed by corrupt academia either selling hate through DEI anti religion policies or money hungry sports factories using all their power to make their school a professional sports team. F the students
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Underteaux27 days
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cheeto22527 days
If only the athletes realized that now they will be paying a ton of taxes.. only the govt wins when players get paid, they were getting free, and tax free education.. and there won't be many bets in the sports in which men are pretending to be women,
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Jcorye127 days
The athletes were always paying taxes on any deals they made with outside parties. Zero chance boosters of any note were cool with tax evasion.
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Smoke Ring27 days
I guess the SEC wants to be in bed with the organized crime/casinos/sports books now.
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6R1227 days
Well they are paid "pro like" athletes now so follow the pros lead in this.
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Ol Sankey getting back pay from the gambling sites!
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OGTiger27 days
So, they’re worried about gambling but no mention of employment language for athletes now that the NCAA has given the green light for schools to “pay” and “employ” athletes? What about workers comp, i.e. injuries on the field/court or disability? What about taxes, non-compete contracts,etc. etc etc.
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LeClerc27 days
What does that mean? Like, who's out, who's hurt, stuff like that? Is this a big deal? IDK
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GeauxtigersMs3627 days
With all the gambling sites and more states legalizing sports betting, it was only a matter of time.
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rattlebucket27 days
GeauxtigersMs36 is on it. This has to do with gambling and thats it
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