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During a recent episode of ‘Always College Football,' host Greg McElroy addressed the recent criticisms that LSU coach Brian Kelly has received, particularly regarding his comments about NIL. Per On3:

“As it relates to the paying players conversation, which is where I think a lot of the negativity around Brian Kelly this offseason has surrounded him? I listened to his comments and I don’t get the sense that he is not supportive of NIL. I see the headlines, I see the stories, I see what people are saying – ‘Oh, he’s going to get sued’, ‘Oh, he’s going to do this’, ‘LSU is not in NIL’. Yeah, they are,” McElroy said. “There are plenty of guys at LSU under Brian Kelly’s leadership that have done really well when it comes to NIL. What he said is he’s not going to be in the business of buying players. I think what that means, the way I interpret it is he is not going to be real excited about bringing in a player that’s number one priority is maximizing his NIL value.”

“NIL will be there for you. If you choose LSU, you will have access to NIL opportunities. But that can’t be the sole reason why you’re choosing to go to LSU over the other places that you’re considering,” McElroy said. “People might see it differently. I respectfully disagree. I know LSU has long been a player in the NIL world since it got thrust into the spotlight a few years back. They’re going to continue to be a player in the NIL world. But Brian Kelly wants to prioritize the players that want to win, that want to do things a certain way, that want to buy into the culture that he’s creating there in Baton Rouge more so than the guys that are looking for the top possible dollars available in NIL via the portal or via recruiting.”

“Brian Kelly is perfectly within his right to say what he said,” said McElroy. “I didn’t view it as a negative. I viewed it more as, ‘Hey, yes, we want you to get as much money as you can. But, if that’s your sole reason for choosing us, then this might not be the place for you.'”
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LSU82Cajun10 days
CBK is getting surrounded at LSU by other coaches. Since he got there - Mulkey in WBB, Johnson in baseball & Clark in Gymnastics all won a NC. Ah! oh! Now Shaver might be next in T& F. Time to step up BK .
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Morpheus10 days
McElroy is and always has been a class act and very impartial even when discussing Bama.
He is absolutely spot on here, anyone that sees what Kelly said as he won’t participate is just being a Tard on this.
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mmtiger11 days
because if maximizing NIL is the primary concern, you might end up like denver harris at UTSA, because highschool ranking does not mean the player will be professional football quality.
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TommyDaTiger11 days
Agreed!!!!!! 100000000000000000%
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Mike da Tigah12 days
College athletics has been ruined by this stuff, and it will continue to be ruined too. NIL, combined with the transfer portal and no loyalties or commitment to schools is what is causing CFB especially to loose its luster.
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Tigers4Lyfe12 days
Should he though?
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cajunmud12 days
Did y'all hear what Underwood said about NIL? He said he's angling for big NFL 1st overall pick money and ain't worrying about this stuff. His ole man agrees. Smart man.
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jrowla212 days
BK just doesn’t want full highest bidder free agency. He still fully understands NIL and what college football has become.
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pecot12 days
Greg McElroy is a class act
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Bjorn Cyborg12 days
Anyone with a brain knew that's what Kelly meant.
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SG_Geaux12 days
Based on people's reactions, I don't think so lol.
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Tony The Tiger12 days
Like he said, people with a brain.
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Menatiger10 days
lol, read and process yourself and if you agree with tards then you are what you processed. If you read reactions to get an opinion on an opinion you are a sheep.
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