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Fox Sports College Football analyst joined "Sports Talk 790" radio in Houston this week and had some interesting comments about the final score in LSU's season opener win over Miami.

The Tigers led the Hurricanes 33-3 heading into the 4th quarter but gave up two late touchdowns to bring the final score to 33-17.

When asked about the game, Klatt said that LSU wasn't as dominant as the final score suggests and starts off by saying he was impressed by Miami...

Wait, what?

You can listen to the full audio here, but here is the majority of what he had to say:

"I was impressed with Miami, Klatt said. "Full disclosure, that game in the box score was much different than the scoreboard in the first half, I think that we can all agree on that. I think LSU was incredibly opportunistic but I don't think they were blowing them out..."

"Just to give you a sense of that, Miami outgained LSU on the night. Would you have even remotely thought that?"

"While the scoreboard should make you nervous for LSU, I don't think they were as dominant as the scoreboard suggests."

LSU did a great job, I'm not trying to minimize what they did," Klatt said. "We all want to make them the world beaters now, but it wasn't necessarily as dominant a game as it looked on the scoreboard. The stat sheet, everything else will tell you that."

"Did you know that LSU was only 3 of 16 on third downs? 3 of 16! Let's say Miami has half the number of penalties and doesn't turn the ball over, maybe it's a different game."
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hill durham70 months
they got totally outplayed the second half. Auburn will be eating cake at halftime.Starters will be in street cloths before the third quarter. This team is in trouble 2 more wins maybe.
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DeafVallyBatnR70 months
Miami got 130 plus yards at the end of third to end of game it was 33 to 3 with 3 minutes to go in 3rd. This guy is an idiot. The on rushed for 82 yards give or take a yard. So LSU total offence was over 300 in third and Miami had around 200. Basically Miami got 2 trash TDs.
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DaBoot70 months
Thoughts...My thoughts is this guy is a ****ing idiot. Let him say what he needs to say maybe the yards etc. are question but from top to bottom the reason that the LSU Tigers were dominant is the eye test!!! You can tell they didnt play that clean of a game and yet they still scored in all there fazes of the game special / Offence / this guy kick rocks 1-0
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TigerStripes0670 months
He’s hands down the biggest idiot on tv. Not hyperbole. If someone stopped me on the street and asked me who is the worst football guy on tv, I’d tell you klatt without hesitation.
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phaz70 months
Klatt is on the radio often here in the Phoenix area, HE HATES THE SEC, will any SEC team for anything. Anyone who watched that game could see that Miami is athletic and as athletic as anyone, but LSU whipped them at the LOS. LSU won that game by physically whipping their arse.
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ColoBama70 months
Oh I guess dominant teams aren't opportunistic. I love how people like Klatt try to make even the loser of a game look better than the guys who beat them. Klatt is beginning to get into Kanell territory. Welcome back to our world, LSU.
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SelaTiger70 months
That’s why you have to step on the gas and stomp teams when you have the chance.
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lsuhou7470 months
He's Fukin nuts! Score should have been about 45 to 7 actually...smh
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BayouBengal9970 months
This guy apparently doesn't believe that Defense and Special teams is part of football. To this guy all there is to the game is offense. What a dope. I knew this was coming too. I said it during the summer when all the commentators and our own fans were saying how bad we would lose this game. I said and when we win it, the narrative will change to Miami just isn't very good. LMFAO. We beat Auburn it will be yeah but they aren't Elite until they beat GA or Bama. To hell with it Joe Burrow, Devin White, Orgeron/staff. Let's beat them all so we can really see their true colors. Miami got their butts kicked and there's really no way around that fact!!! Imagine if LSUs offense would have been clicking on all cylinders or if we had scored a few TDs instead of those FGs. It would have been 51-17 then with the same stat sheet. GT
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Bengaltyger4life70 months
Didn't LSU start subbing in backup players in the third quarter which led to Miami first touchdown. This Joel Klatt must be a fan of Miami or is still suffering from the loss on Sunday. Miami wasn't impressive and didn't demonstrate anything for the high ranking they came into the season with.
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Teufelhunden70 months
This is the same dude that predicted Texas would win the Big 12 this year.
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PapaCrawfish70 months
Joel's wife probably says the same thing about him!
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mkibod170 months
Joel needs to lay off the Colorado dispensaries a little bit.
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stho38170 months
A 30 point lead in the second half make the stats irrelevant, because at that point LSU is just trying to run clock, while Miami is throwing it up every play to try and get back in the game. Case in point: at 3:51 left in the 3rd quarter the score is 33-3 LSU and LSU had outgained Miami 288-174. So basically, the trash yardage in the 4th quarter to bring the game within 2 possessions wipes out the arse-whoopin LSU did on them when the game was competitive? This is a classic case of a commentator with revisionist history the further we get from the game. Bottom line is that it was a dominant win for a team that has been disrespected the entire off-season.
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TriDitty70 months
This is just a classic case of an analyst only analyzing the stat sheet and saying the obvious without watching the actual game. Anyone can do that.
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CGSC Lobotomy70 months
Colorado Quarterback Joel Klatt after the 2005 Big 12 Championship game. "Texas wasn't as dominant as the score suggests" (they lost 70-3)
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lsuhou7470 months
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SamuelClemens70 months
Let's say Miami has half the number of penalties and doesn't turn the ball over, maybe it's a different game." Two can play this game: Let’s say LSU completed 100% of their passes and didn’t get tackled while running with the ball.
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PotatoChip70 months
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biglego70 months
Don’t do that
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Mr. Elvert70 months
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Brotorious70 months
It’s very inaccurate to say LSU wasn’t dominant because Miami made mistakes. I’d like to think LSU made them make mistakes. We were in their grill all night! Miami wasn’t playing against air. LSU dictates their dominance!
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BooBooMeister70 months
Miami made about as many mistakes in every category that a football team can make. So yes, LSU wasn't pressed to do anything exceptional but just to press on and win the game. But, that wasn't LSU's fault. Who knows what the Tigers could have done if challenged.
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