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Former LSU quarterback Peter Parrish will be transferred to Memphis, he announced on Thursday.

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Parrish, a redshirt freshman from Phenix City, Alabama was suspended from the team in March due to a violation of team rules and did not participate in any offseason workouts or the shortened spring practice.

The former four-star dual-threat prospect served as LSU's third-stringer behind Joe Burrow and Myles Brennan last season.

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Play_Neck43 months
He's got a nice chance to do well there.
user avatar
Lsutigerturner43 months
I really thought if he stuck it out he be really good and play his redshirt junior and senior year. But times have changed. I hope he sees the field soon. He has talent
user avatar
CFFreak43 months
Good luck to him but frick him too.
user avatar
Drizzt43 months
Good for him. He got screwed by LSU administration over Title IX bullshite.
user avatar
SulphursFinest43 months
user avatar
tubucoco43 months
user avatar
TheFlyingTiger43 months
can we get this damn Utah pop up off the frickin screen? you can't even X it closed
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brewhan davey43 months
Best of luck to the kid.
user avatar
NamariTiger43 months
That’s a great fit for him and not too far from home. Tear it up Peter!
user avatar
GeauxTGRZ43 months
Only ~30 miles shorter than BR
user avatar
SirWinston43 months
#TeamMyles here. Let's get it, #15!
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