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Former LSU and New York Giants veteran defensive lineman Leonard Marshall, along with former NFL QB Matt Hasselbeck, will both donate their brains when they die to help researchers to learn more about the ways football affects the brain. Per Sports Illustrated:

“CTE is no joke and I don’t want to see anyone else suffer like me and my friends,” Marshall said in a statement. “At 55, I have short-term memory loss, erratic behavior and experience fogginess. This is literally a life-and-death matter, and it’s time we start having real, honest conversations about brain trauma in professional and youth sports.”

The symptoms Marshall describes and has been outspoken about are not unique. They affect most people who suffer from CTE and other brain trauma. Other symptoms of CTE include impaired judgment, aggression, and depression. For now, CTE can only be diagnosed postmortem.

Marshall continued: “In pledging my brain, I hope to advance the research that will save football players – past, present, and future.”
Marshall played at LSU from 1979 to 1982 and went on to play 12 seasons in the NFL, mainly with the New York Giants where he won two Super Bowls. He is currently 55 years old.
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Farkwad84 months
Heard from several NFL alumni that Big Leonard was the meanest, nastiest beast they ever played against. Leonard and Adolsek are on my all time nastiest Tigers team.
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Spankem84 months
My dad has been doing the same stuff starting at 60. He has never played a down of football. There is no doubt head trauma does terrible things to the brain, but many middle aged to upper aged adults experience similar symptoms due to brain atrophy (neurons dying due to apoptosis), drugs, alcohol, medications, vascular disease, neurological disorders and other comorbidities. I truly hope that they can come up with better helmets and protocols to protect players. I just don't know how much of the symptoms these former players are related to football collisions or due to other etiologies.
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whoyodaddy84 months
Leonard Marshall, from Franklin, is and has always been a class act. We wish him the best.
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SirWinston84 months
He can GFH - tired of these selfish assholes trying to ruin football AFTER they made millions playing a game.
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nofear6784 months
LOL! Responses like this have become norm for most internet tough guys. Most of you Pillsbury dough boys wouldn't dare repeat half the shite you type.
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blueboy84 months
I know, right? Especially guys who played in an age when these things were not well known, or known at all. You smoke dick. That much is certain.
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kjanchild84 months
But he has also said that he would do it all over again knowing what he knows! The danger is there and everyone knows it. If you don't want to play then don't play. Everyone has danger in everything they "choose" to do for a living of for enjoyment. I truly hope this sport does not become obsolete in the near future.
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sandraccoon84 months
You are incorrect, everyone does not have danger in everything they "choose" to do for a living or for enjoyment. That is so far from the truth that it is completely ignorant
user avatar
pellietigersaint84 months
@sandraccoon--- yes, there are dangers by crossing the street or being a bank teller. bank tellers can get shot in the head during a robbery. percentages? very low. percentages of concussion playing ball? moderate to high. wages for the two positions??? its called risk/reward. who's the ignorant one here? its assuredly you.
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