So this is a new one...

ESPN released a Fan Happiness Index (FHI) rating and has LSU at No. 38 overall and No. 7 in the SEC.

Here is the Top 50:
1. Georgia
2. Washington
3. Clemson
4. Wisconsin
5. Alabama
6. Penn State
7. Notre Dame
8. Oklahoma
9. Utah
10. Miami
11. Ohio State
12. Missouri
13. Iowa
14. Virginia Tech
15. Central Florida
16. Oregon
17. Northwestern
18. Michigan State
19. Boise State
20. Mississippi State
21. Texas
22. Northern Illinois
23. Duke
24. Louisville
25. Stanford
26. Texas A&M
27. Kansas State
28. Auburn
29. San Diego State
30. Purdue
31. Florida Atlantic
32. Michigan
33. Memphis
34. Southern California
35. Fresno State
36. Western Michigan
37. Texas Christian
38. LSU
39. Florida
40. Oklahoma State
41. Toledo
42. North Texas
43. South Florida
44. Ohio
45. North Carolina State
46. Iowa State
47. Wake Forest
48. Houston
49. New Mexico State
50. Marshall

Here's how the FHI is determined:

Using seven different variables, every team receives an FHI rating from 0 to 100, with 100 being the happiest. Remember, happiness isn't just about how much teams excel in every category, but how they're doing relative to what its fans expect. The seven inputs into FHI are: team strength and accomplishment, head coach hot seat rating, recruiting trend, rivalry dominance, revenue growth, Twitter sentiment rating and in-game panic rating. (In-game panic rating is only a factor in-season. More details on methodology can be found HERE.)

In the table below, the numbers listed for team power, recruiting, rivalry dominance and revenue are each team's percentile in that category. For hot seat, the listed number is the coach's percentage chance to be fired during or following this season. And Twitter is the estimated percentage of positive-sentiment tweets.
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Take out the population of Lafourche Parish and the rating will plummet
Reply63 months
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Congratulations, we’re 38th because of you tards.
Reply63 months
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What’s Notre Dame, Utah, and Iowa happy about?
Reply63 months
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Alabama must never be fricking satisfied
Reply63 months
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ESPN blows, their index probably blows to.
Reply63 months
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Surprised LSU is so high, and thought Auburn would be higher.
Reply63 months
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No program with O as HC should be in the top 100 of that index.
Reply63 months
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63 months
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We're still ahead of Florida!
Reply63 months
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LSU way to high
Reply63 months
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Why is New Mexico st so fricking happy
Reply63 months
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Notre Dame is way too high. They rival us in this category.
Reply63 months
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Well they must not read the Rant.
Reply63 months
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63 months
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Exactly I figured we would be in the 100's
63 months
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Thank you!!!!!!!!!! There are some fricked up fans on here. They say shite like oh well I will just wait to see if we do good before I root for my team. Bunch of half arse fans they need to get off of here cause they suck ass. Geaux Tigers.
63 months
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