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During ESPN Gameday on Saturday morning, Kirk Herbstreit, Desmond Howard, and David Pollock all picked LSU as a better head coaching job over USC. Per SDS:

“They’re different,” Kirk Herbstreit said. “LSU should go big. They should be in there swinging for the fences, and they are. To me, (LSU) is a top-5 job. I think USC is a great job, and if you can get USC rolling, it’s great. it’s different. LSU is a premier job because if you build it right, it’s got staying power, and the high school football in that region is as good as anywhere in the country.”

Added Desmond Howard: “It’s like what I said previously. When you have Les Miles winning a championship at LSU previously. Coach Orgeron won a national championship at LSU. You know it’s a top-5 job. All you need to do is be committed to the process and build a fence around the state of Louisiana, because they have a lot of talent in-state.”

Former Georgia defensive lineman David Pollock rounded out the discussion and his take was the same.

“The (LSU) administration is going to pay your assistants,” Pollack said. “They’re going to pay you well. They have the best facilities in the world. That’s why it’s a much better job than USC. Everyone is all-in at LSU. They want to win national titles.”
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tiggerthetooth30 months
This is more about the ESPN-SEC being attached than USC/LSU. Of course they'll talk up the SEC team over the Fox channel team.
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TKLSUMD30 months
Golden Girls vs Song Girls. Now that’s a tough decision.
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CanebreakCajun30 months
Is this even a ?
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tigerpawl30 months
LA is a basketball town. Now move on....
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jptiger200930 months
To be fair, one could say and has said the same damn thing for Texas and aTm. Neither has been able to get over the hump. Texas at least has a natty over the last 20 years. aTm football program is a travesty. They have more money than god but cannot build a champion.
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EauxmahaTiger30 months
TX has multiple P5 schools, so not exactly the same thing.
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Jabontik30 months
A better debate is which school has the hottest cheerleaders.
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JackieTreehorn30 months
LSU and it ain’t close.
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Gumbo130 months
USC is a media darling but hasn't done crap for years 2 decades. LSU has been one of the best teams in the SEC for years besides the aberration of the last 2 years. The new incoming coach will be paid well but will also know there are big and consistent expectations that come with being a LSU coach. Based on our AD's history and also being a LSU alum, I think he will swing for the fences and land a homerun. Yes, I am a LSU homer. GEAUX TIGERS!
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olgoi khorkhoi30 months
Hell, if you frick up at LSU, you’ll get paid a top 10 salary to not coach.
user avatar
PUB30 months
Top 10? How about the Top in the country behind Saban. Biggest rip off in college football and based on one season too.
user avatar
Tiger in Texas30 months
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