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LSU head coach Ed Orgeron appeared on ESPN's "Coast to Coast" show Wednesday morning and told a great story about motivating players when he was a graduate assistant years ago.

The story involved Orgeron putting a worm in his mouth to really drive home the point of teamwork to the players. Per The Advocate:

"It was just to fire up the team. It was about two guys fishing. They were in Alaska, had to cut a hole to fish. One guy was catching fish and other wasn’t," Orgeron said beginning the story.

“He said, ‘Hey man, I’m using the same bait. Why am I not catching fish?’

“(Other guy) said, ‘I have a secret. I keep the worms in my mouth to keep them warm before I put them in. I do whatever it takes to feed my family.’"

Orgeron completed that fishing story and then told the team, "Whatever it takes to win, I’ll do the same things." He then pulled the wiggling worm from his mouth.
You can see more of Orgeron's appearance on "Coast to Coast" here:

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user avatar
heatwave83 months
We went from a man who eats grass to a man who eats worms! I love it
user avatar
LSUvegasbombed83 months
good stuff
user avatar
SwampBandit83 months
I really think this team will be ready to run through a brick wall come BYU... Coach O is a very good motivator and i could care less what the rest of the country thinks about him
user avatar
Barbellthor83 months
That's metal AF.
user avatar
Emteein83 months
No mention of the binder?
user avatar
TigerSpray83 months
My H.S. coach told the same story in 86, we would have ran through a wall, beat LaGrange bad for Homecoming.
user avatar
saint tiger22583 months
So proud we hired "one of us", who can tell stories like this to make a Louisianans proud.
user avatar
1983 months
"Us?" We don't claim you, baw.
user avatar
scott227483 months
This!! Oh, not sure what 19 is getting at in his post. Sounds like he's gonna be the one left out of the "Us" gang.
user avatar
Lexman183 months
Okay enough! The rest of the country already thinks we're all toothless hillbillies. Don't give them any more ammunition, Coach.
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