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Ed Orgeron held his weekly radio show on Wednesday night and shared his plan to replace cornerbacks Derek Stingley Jr. (out) and Eli Ricks (out for the season).

Orgeron said that junior Cordale Flott and sophomore Dwight McGlothern will likely start at cornerback and five-star freshman Sage Ryan will play the nickel position.

On the season, Flott has allowed 13 receptions on 29 targets for 116 yards and one touchdown. He has one interception.

McGlothern has allowed 7 receptions on 15 targets for 51 yards and zero touchdowns.

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SomeLSUguy28 months
Has he name his replacement yet?!?!? ...asking for a friend.
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TheHat728 months
Tough spot for a TF playing nickel against Mullen offense
user avatar
LSU82Cajun28 months
Amazon is delivering today my ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ T-shirt. Now I’ll order my ‘Let Go Coach O’ T-shirt . Because both Biden and Orgeron are doing such excellent jobs. One is ruining the country the other is ruining a once great football program.
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alumni9528 months
Brandon who? Harris? He let himself go long ago. He smart.
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CP3LSU2528 months
No offense to those 3 guys because they are doing great but that’s embarrassing that 2 years after the greatest season of all time this is our starting CB’s against a top 10 sec team. Yes sage Ryan will be a stud in the future.
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Trauma1428 months
Do you even watch LSU football. True Freshman break out as stars all the time at LSU. We always have the hot next 1st rounder, so I cheer for every freshman that sees the field and hope they are the next #7 or #18! True fan here!
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TwoDatBait28 months
Thanks for getting them some reps for the new coach….
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BtonTiger31828 months
user avatar
lsutiger228 months
Sage Ryan ready to go just in the nick of time
user avatar
Vacherie Saint28 months
Does Raydarius suck?
user avatar
GoldenAge28 months
I’ve been wondering the same. Literally never hear anything on him.
user avatar
VeniceBeachMouton28 months
He played a lot against Kentucky. Watch more film and answer your own questions.
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Blanky671528 months
Flott can make him some money if he plays well.
user avatar
xGeauxLSUx28 months
Are we actually going to see Ryan????????
user avatar
LSUcam728 months
LFG… full confidence in Flott
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