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On Monday, head coach Ed Orgeron talked about how his team and staff have improved over the past two years and said that Joe Burrow, Joe Brady, Cole Tracy, and Cade York have played a significant role in elevating the football program since he's been head coach.

Q. Coach, if I can ask you, kind of a big picture question, can you speak to kind of weathering the storm here? Becoming the head coach. Early on, your numbers were low in certain spots. You had those two losses to Mississippi State and Troy your first year. Then your recruiting was good early, but it wasn't what it was the last couple of years. I just want to know if you can speak to kind of grinding through that to be where you are right now.

ED ORGERON: You've got to stick to the plan and believe. Obviously, there were some mistakes made early on, but we got better. We got better. I do believe after the Troy game we made significant improvement. Our recruiting has gotten better. I have a great coaching staff right now.

It took me two years to get the coaching staff the way I wanted it. It took us two years to get some depth on the offensive line. It took us two years to get more receivers that could get the ball. It took us two years to get the two running backs that we needed to get in there.

Then the big difference that's been in our football team is Joe Burrow, Joe Brady, last year Cole Tracy, and this year Cade York. Those guys have made a significant difference on our football team since I've been here.
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the coach is the real elevator IMO.
Reply19 months
Boy Ed is doing all of the right things trying to get Cade to that cole confidence level. All the smiles now this lol. I’ll take it
Reply19 months
Just a quick off-the-cuff answer. I'm sure he could come up with dozens more.
Reply19 months
Can’t name everyone. Good quick answer
Reply19 months
Man what a dangerous question. What about the mentions of White, Delpit, Williams, Brossette, etc.
Reply19 months
Just say what you really mean hoss
19 months
He is referring to the cosching philosophy on offense sucked before.. the QB sucked before, and the kicking sucked before.. thsts why he named those people.. those were the biggest gains relative to what we had two years ago.. not that other players not mentioned haven't had an impact.. the defensive players have been strong for a decade.. thats what he meant..
19 months
No pressure, Cade York
Reply19 months
Joe Burrow has been fantastic this season. But don't forget about Cade York. That kid has come in as a freshman and continued with the consistency that Cole Tracy had. It is only a matter of time before he wins us a game. Hopefully against the Gumps.
Reply19 months
3/3 FG, 4/4 PATs vs UT, he's already helping keep LSU in position to win games, bro. Atkins crushing KOs like a robotic leg, and V Rosenberg continues his A+ game. Incredible group of specialists.
19 months
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