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Early odds to win the 2023 College Football National Championship were released by BetOnline Tuesday and LSU's odds are 66/1.

2023 NCAA Championship
Alabama 13/4
Georgia 7/2
Ohio State 7/1
Clemson 12/1
Michigan 12/1
Texas A&M 16/1
Oklahoma 18/1
Notre Dame 20/1
Oklahoma State 33/1
Oregon 33/1
Texas 33/1
Utah 33/1
Wisconsin 33/1
Michigan State 40/1
USC 40/1
Baylor 50/1
Miami (FL) 50/1
Arkansas 66/1
Auburn 66/1
Florida 66/1
Iowa 66/1
LSU 66/1
Penn State 66/1
BYU 80/1
Cincinnati 80/1
Houston 80/1
Kentucky 80/1
NC State 80/1
Ole Miss 80/1
Pittsburgh 80/1
Wake Forest 80/1
Louisiana 100/1
South Carolina 100/1
Tennessee 100/1
UCLA 100/1
Fresno State 125/1
Florida State 150/1
Iowa State 150/1
Maryland 150/1
Nebraska 150/1
North Carolina 150/1
Arizona State 200/1
Mississippi State 200/1
Purdue 200/1
TCU 200/1
Washington 200/1
Boise State 250/1
Coastal Carolina 250/1
Indiana 250/1
Kansas State 250/1
Louisville 250/1
Virginia Tech 250/1
West Virginia 250/1
Boston College 300/1
Missouri 300/1
Northwestern 300/1
Texas Tech 300/1
Appalachian State 500/1
Arizona 500/1
Army 500/1
California 500/1
Colorado 500/1
Georgia Tech 500/1
Illinois 500/1
Memphis 500/1
Minnesota 500/1
Navy 500/1
Oregon State 500/1
San Diego State 500/1
SMU 500/1
Stanford Cardinal 500/1
Syracuse 500/1
UCF 500/1
Vanderbilt 500/1
Virginia 500/1
Washington State 500/1
Kansas 1000/1
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user avatar
Lynxrufus201226 months
Vandy has better odds than Kansas and as good as UCF. Things are looking up for the Dores.
user avatar
TDsngumbo26 months
How much does it suck to have worse odds of winning it all than LSU next year?
user avatar
MintBerry Crunch26 months
Everyone under 66/1 that isn’t in the SEC should be no odds.
user avatar
AceRoot26 months
Kansas fans, “So, you’re saying there’s a chance.”
user avatar
Mr. Hangover26 months
hahahaha good one
user avatar
MagicMikesMindsEye26 months
Id take that baylor 50/1 real quick
user avatar
CanebreakCajun26 months
How is Oklahoma number 7 in odds? They’ve been hit harder by the portal than anyone in the country. They should be down there with us.
user avatar
Celery26 months
Vegas should just be in charge of official rankings.
user avatar
Winnebago Tiger26 months
So you’re sayin there’s a chance
user avatar
Pedro26 months
Usc is a sneaky good value bet. Im not saying theyll win or even make the playoff. The potential is there if riley can turn things quickly.
user avatar
tigersquad8926 months
What has Riley ever done in the playoffs that tells you he can win a championship? A bet on USC is a donation to the casinos
user avatar
DoubleDown26 months
Same teams year in and year out.
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