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LSU defensive coordinator Dave Aranda spoke to reporters on Thursday night in Mobile, AL and talked about the future of star pass rusher Arden Key, who recently took a leave of absence from the team. Per

During a meeting with reporters before the 23rd annual DEX Imaging/Reese's Senior Bowl L'Arche Football Preview on Thursday night in Mobile, Aranda said Key's presence would make a difference on LSU's defense.

"Arden's been around, so I've seen Arden," Aranda said. "Arden's looking good. We get back together next week with a full staff. ... I anticipate at that time that we'll hear about Arden's direction and where he's going and whether he'll be with us or not.

"I'm very hopeful that he will be. I think we have a defense with Arden and a defense without Arden. There's two very separate entities there. I'm pulling for the one with."
So is every LSU fan...
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TigerSpray83 months
Looks like the Clowney pattern is taking full shape...
user avatar
Gator4Life83 months
Key just watched his draft stock plunge. Kid could have been a top 10 pick, now with the head case he has become he will likely be lucky to go in the 3rd round. HUGE difference in money. I really hope we get rid of him soon, he is too much distraction to the guys who PRACTICE everyday.............. Key is WEAK!!!
user avatar
Dead End83 months
frick off Gator troll.
user avatar
OU81283 months
So Key dictates to LSU how things are going to be?
user avatar
GeeOH83 months
You mean does the best player on defense not being there hurt the team? Answer is yes. And a stronger defense could easily be the difference in an sec win
user avatar
CL810083 months
damn so arden key gone from lsu for good, not even playing his junior yr at lsu ? or someone putting rumors out there?
user avatar
Barbellthor83 months
You must be new here.
user avatar
Uncle Diddles83 months
user avatar
Solo Cam83 months
Your wife is cheating on you
user avatar
33inNC83 months
Why does it have to be with this shite? I don't want to give that site the time of day.
user avatar
Whynotme83 months
He will be back. Finishing out 2 summer classes he needed to be eligible for fall. Stop panicking LSU fans.
user avatar
Shiftyplus183 months
If he doesn't come back, he has screwed himself out of so many millions it's not even funny
user avatar
Hoovertigah83 months
He will go first round regardless.
user avatar
Whynotme83 months
He is already projected as a top ten pick. So how will he lose million if he don't come back?
user avatar
LSUgrad0811283 months
Lol at anyone dumb enough to think that a kid who gets kicked off of his team and doesn't play his junior year is going to go first round or top 10. He'll go from possible first overall pick to 3rd round afterthought at best if he sits out this season.
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