LSU (12-0, 8-0 SEC) remains at No. 2 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings after Saturday's 50-7 win over Texas A&M.

The Top 4 teams remain the same from last week.

1. Ohio State 12-0
2. LSU 12-0
3. Clemson 12-0
4. Georgia 11-1

5. Utah 11-1
6. Oklahoma 11-1
7. Baylor 11-1
8. Wisconsin 10-2
9. Florida 10-2
10. Penn State 10-2
11. Auburn 9-3
12. Alabama 10-2
13. Oregon 10-2
14. Michigan 9-3
15. Notre Dame 10-2
16. Iowa 9-3
17. Memphis 11-1
18. Minnesota 10-2
19. Boise State 11-1
20. Cincinnati 10-2
21. Appalachian State 11-1
22. USC 8-4
23. Virginia 9-3
24. Navy 9-2
25. Oklahoma State 8-4
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DanielSon51 months
Wisconsin ranked 4 spots ahead of Bama is such a joke. Not one person on that committee would bet on Wisconsin to beat Bama on a neutral field.
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Mike da Tigah51 months
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HueyP51 months
Really doesn’t matter what ranking we are as long as we are in top 4. Got to win two tough games.
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LSU$$$51 months
Auburn is 9-3?
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ByUselves51 months
Utes win & clemson loses, that may drop clemson to 4th and utes into 3rd. Unless osu loses to Wisky, I dont see us jumping to # 1. And I certainly dont think they will put us against osu in semis.
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Bayoubengal20551 months
I think they want LSU and OSU in the natty. I mean the storyline is just too much to not push for.
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Bayoubengal20551 months
And I would LOVE to have OSU for the natty.. we already beat fields last year. I know he didn’t start but they went to him a good bit when Georgia came to town. So we are already in Fields head. And if you think you’ve seen Burrow play clutch yet just IMAGINE how tough and chippy he’s going to play against the team that said he wasn’t good enough.
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TXTiger7551 months
Wisconsin moving all the way to 8 just locked us in at 2 after Ohio State beats them. Overinflated quality win for the Buckeyes.
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But we playin #4 good ball!
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Look at Michigan and Cincinnati as well. Committee doin work to validate OSU.
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Def dont want to have to play Clemson and Ohio st. #1 seed is key. Dont see how we dont get it after seccg.
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LSULyle0069051 months
Aub has 3 L, not 2
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reauxl tigers51 months
If our name was Alabama, we'd be #1, js.
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X Carter Is Fast51 months
Jesus they just dropped 7 spots after losing to a top 15 team. Get a new angle
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6R1251 months
X Carter, you completely missing what Reauxl Tigers is saying. It's not that they dropped for this poll, it's if they were if a diff position they would be NUMBER 1.............
user avatar
X Carter Is Fast51 months
No i did not miss it. Just weird how obsessed you people are
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touchdownjeebus51 months
What a bullshite con.
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MasonTiger51 months
Tigers move to #1 next week after defeating the Dawgs.
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CanebreakCajun51 months
I hope so, Atlanta is cheaper to fly to than Phoenix
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PsychTiger51 months
They’ve set it up for Baylor or Chokelahoma to jump Utah.
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UptownnMike51 months
I want to see Baylor win and Oregon beat Utah and Baylor get in.
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