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David Ching with included best and worst case scenarios for the Tigers in his 2015 LSU Preview article.

LSU's final record in 2015 will hinge on the quarterback play, according to Ching who says the Tigers could finish as good as 11-1 or 7-5 if thing don't go the right way.

Here is more on what he had to say:

Best-case scenario: Some critics act as if LSU doesn't have a talented quarterback on its roster. That's not the case. Harris simply wasn't ready for the job as a true freshman. If he shows some maturity and takes care of the ball, he has the skill set to lead LSU to a division title. Seriously, 11-1 or 10-2 is not unreasonable if the Tigers get dynamic play out of their quarterback. The overall lineup is solid.

Worst-case scenario: As in 2014, if quarterback remains an issue, the Tigers will struggle. After getting gashed a couple times early, LSU still led the SEC in total defense last season by allowing 316.8 yards per game. Nonetheless, the Tigers finished 4-4 in conference play largely because the offense wasn't pulling its weight. If that remains the case in 2015, LSU finishing 8-4 again or falling to 7-5 is possible.

You can read Ching's complete LSU preview here.

What is your prediction for LSU's record in 2015?
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TigerFanatic99103 months
I agree with his assessments. That being said, I would fricking riot is we were to go 7-5.
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Lithium103 months
I don't see 7-5 but 8-4 to 11-1. Decent QB play and we could roll into T-Town undefeated
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Datbayoubengal103 months
People are silly, best case is 15-0 and not just because it's the best you can do. LSU has the pieces and coaching to excel. If Harris does like so many great redshirt freshman have done recently and if the pass rush gets back to typical LSU levels, there isn't a team around that can beat us. We already know what we have at OL, we already know the secondary is going to be top 3 in the country, we already know the WR group is insanely loaded and now has experience, and we already know Fournette is I heisman level RB. Add those two missing pieces to all of our givings, and we have the best team in the country.


Worst case is 8-4 but that's only if we don't improve anywhere and actually get worse at places.
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Geralt of Rantia103 months
I see 11-1 or 10-2. 4 losses at worst. We very well could go undefeated and be champs though.
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cwil177102 months
I hope we have a quarterback to throw to that insanely loaded WR group. It's hard to go 15-0 with a one-dimensional team.
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CaptainJ47102 months
Why do people say 15-0 and include the post season yet say 8-4 and don't include the post season there? I say 9-4 with a loss in the bowl game being #4
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