Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn met with the media on Tuesday to preview Saturday's upcoming game vs. LSU in Tiger Stadium.

He also was asked about former LSU coach Les Miles and whether or not he has spoken to him since last year’s game, which was Miles' last with the school

Here's everything he had to say about LSU and Les Miles according to Auburn Media Relations:

Opening statement...

“We have a big road game this week at LSU, a place that we have not won at since 1999. They had a big win last week vs. Florida on the road, a close game that they found a way to win, so I know that they are going to have a lot of momentum. When you look at them offensively, they put a lot of pressure on your defense, specifically on the perimeter with all of their speed sweeps, their unbalance and their shifts, and every way that they present that. Defensively, they are a Top 20 defense like they usually are. Their defensive line, you can tell, is getting healthier. Their linebackers are very aggressive, and they can really run. Of course, Arden Key is one of the dynamic players defensively in our league, and you can tell that he is starting to get in shape, and is starting to really play. It’s a big challenge for our team. Our message has been each week to get better, and the last three weeks I feel like we’ve done that. We are going to have to continue to do that on the road at LSU.”

What makes LSU such a tough place to play…

“They are usually one of the more talented teams in our league. They have a good home field advantage. We have to solve all of that. It is a new year. They’ve got a new team and we have a new team. That is the fact.”

On being physical at the line of scrimmage against LSU…

“It is always one of those that is usually won up front on both sides of the football. Last year was a very physical game and we expect it to be the same this year. That is always fun -- to play a team that is physical -- and they usually are and we usually are. It is usually a good one.”

On talking with team about Auburn not winning at LSU since 1999...

“Just be honest and up front. If you talk to our players, this is a new year. They are their own team. Even though some of our players were there two years ago, this is a different dynamic. This is a new staff. They have a new team. They have a new head coach. Everything is different. We do need to understand that it has been a long time since we have beaten them there. I think we all need to know that, but this is a new year and that is the way we are looking at it. It is a big challenge to go there and win.”

Is there added pressure after Troy beating LSU...

“We are not worried about anything that has happened up to this point, good, bad or in between. This is the week we play LSU. They are in the West, and it is a very important game. We don’t get caught up week to week in who they are playing and who they have played.”

How do you handle Arden Key…

“Nobody needs to point him out; we’re all going to know where he’s at. It’s part of being an impact player. You’re going to do the best you can to not give your guys a disadvantage or advantage. You’ve got to play football and put a plan together.”

Has he spoken to Les Miles since last year’s game…

“I have talked to him and I think I talked to him the week that happened. I’ve got a lot of respect for Les Miles. He’s an outstanding coach. He’s not a good coach; he’s an outstanding coach. And I think he’s a great person. And I think it’s a really good deal that they’re honoring him. I’ve talked to him numerous times. Obviously, we hired Larry Porter. Larry Porter worked for him. He gave him a great recommendation, so I’ve got a lot of respect for Les Miles.”

On the difficulties of facing a Dave Aranda defense…

“He’s a good defensive coordinator, and there are a lot of good defensive coordinators in our league. But they’ve got a lot of talent. And when you put a good coach together with talent, it’s a challenge. You’ve got to earn things.”
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user avatar
Anemone77 months
Les was the bomb. Eating grass was amazing.
user avatar
The Boob77 months
So Les is not a good coach but an "outstanding" one. Aranda is just a good one. Interesting.
user avatar
TigerSpray77 months
It was either him or les getting fired after last year's game. He's just glad he won after reversing the call. He's still coaching. If not for the reversed call, he'd be gone and Les would still be here. TGTCWR.
user avatar
Lexman177 months
Didn’t realize Auburn hasn’t won in Death Valley since 1999. Let’s keep that impressive streak alive Saturday!
user avatar
Gumbo177 months
Always liked Gus. All class. You'll never hear him say, "They got what they deserved."
user avatar
PortHudsonPlaya77 months
Have to respect Gus. 10 years ago he was a 2A high school coach in Arkansas.
user avatar
luciouslou77 months
good answers, but i still hate Auburn. Sorry...
user avatar
Harry Caray77 months
Always hated Auburn, always liked Gus. Kind of a shame, it was a lot easier to hate Auburn when Tubby was in charge.
user avatar
Techdog8977 months
Very classy answers. Nothing to tack up on the lockers to get fired up about.
user avatar
ByUselves77 months
Ole Gus is not like the coach we just played. He does have a little class, even if he does coach @ auBarn.
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