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LSU put a bow on its 2024 Signing Class by inking elite five-star defensive tackle Dominick McKinley on Wednesday.

McKinley's National Letter of Intent brought LSU's signing class up to 29 players.

Here's how LSU's Signing Class ranked throughout the recruiting industry:

247Sports Composite Rankings: No. 7
On3 Industry Rankings: No. 7
ESPN: No. 7
Rivals: No. 11

SEC Class Rankings from 247Sports:
1. Georgia (No. 1 overall)
2. Alabama (No. 2)
3. Texas (No. 6)
4. LSU (No. 7)
5. Oklahoma (No. 8)
6. Auburn (No. 10)
7. Tennessee (No. 13)
8. Florida (No. 14)
9. Texas A&M (No. 19)
10. Missouri (No. 20)
11. Ole Miss (No. 21)
12. South Carolina (No. 22)
13. Kentucky (No. 25)
14. Mississippi State (No. 28)
15. Arkansas (No. 31)
16. Vanderbilt (No. 41)

LSU's 2025 recruiting class currently has nine commits and ranks No. 1 nationally.


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bluebuck116 days
We have sleepers in our 2024 class. Joseph Cryer is one that will have some opponents crying. Add DLine and we are in the title conversation, next year.
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ApexTiger18 days
How did Bama pull that off?
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GumboPot17 days
It's weird b/c on 247 they are still counting Julian Sayin for Bama but at the same time they show him has a transfer to Ohio State (without being transferred from Bama).
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Stew258117 days
Because it’s Bama they can’t knock them down to far or Sabin will crack the whip
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Miganey18 days
2025 is going to be epic
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Wadey18 days
Louisiana had somewhat off a down year ranking wise. But they always outperform those by a long shot.
So let’s say 3 to 5 overall is bout right.
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Lsutigerturner18 days
Exactly the guys from the boot are better than advertised imo. And outperform there national ranking but when you rank the state guys the top 15are a take
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Salviati18 days
The author of this article is not a Recruiting Board cognoscenti.

The On3 “Industry” Ranking and the 247 “Composite” Ranking are contaminated with worthless ESPN and Rivals rankings. The On3 Ranking by itself has the most value, followed by the 247 Ranking by itself.

LSU is #4 in the On3 Ranking.
LSU is #5 in the 247 Ranking.
LSU is #11 in the Rivals Ranking.
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So LSU is basically 4/5 bc Rivals is completely pointless. Why they use their or ESPN rankings is beyond me.
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100 million dollars, year 3 of 10 years.
LSU got a top 10 class in most services!
We comin
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Tenntig18 days
Another high-brow discussion.
user avatar
TheWalrus18 days
7th sucks
user avatar
sunnydaze18 days
How does 7th nationally suck? Y’all are retarded
user avatar
Tiger202218 days
You suck
user avatar
TheTigershark18 days
Doesn’t suck, but do feel like we should be in the top 5.
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