Talented four-star wide receiver JaMarr Chase from Metairie, LA (Archbishop Rummel) announced Sunday night that he has committed to Florida.

Chase visited Florida this weekend and ultimately chose the Gators over LSU and TCU.

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Chase is rated the No. 6 overall player from the state of Louisiana for the class of 2018, according to Rivals.

For more info on Chase, visit his profile page on our Recruiting Tracker.
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Barbellthor82 months
Later, gaytor.
user avatar
Tiger Ree82 months
He is visiting LSU with his family on Friday the 28th of July
user avatar
RedTigerRulz82 months
Fk him and the gator he rode in on!
user avatar
Gumbo182 months
Well, bye...
user avatar
TNG8r82 months
user avatar
bountyhunter82 months
I'm sure he'll come to LSU when they find out that McElwain called a fishy number that turns out to be an escort service.
user avatar
mcpotiger82 months
No way that Gators teeth are that white..
user avatar
TigerFanFromBama82 months
I guess schools are climbing the wall that suppose to be around Louisiana right now.
user avatar
mkibod182 months
Wasn't he suppose to be committing to TCU back at The Opening until NFL Network butchered his TV time slot?
user avatar
KennabraTiger82 months
Exactly. Everyone needs to calm down. Let's see what happens on signing day.
user avatar
Nitrogen82 months
Another L to the gaytors, the horror
user avatar
JayJay282 months
Good job young fella
user avatar
Deltatiger82 months
Not wishing bad for the kid, but Speedy Noil anyone?
user avatar
LSUrme82 months
Just because he is a receiver from Greater New Orleans?
user avatar
chinhoyang82 months
Our recruiting game has gone to pot.
user avatar
RightWingTiger82 months
I really hope that was meant as a joke. Othetwise ur just a moron.
user avatar
luciouslou82 months
They must have brainwashed him with all that Florida poontang .
user avatar
Vastmind82 months
Yellow Fang is sacking the village right now.
user avatar
loweralabamatrojan82 months
"Yellow Fang" is awesome. Have an upvote, sir.
user avatar
Blob Fish82 months
A lot of people up in here seem to not realize thatwe have a top 10 recruiting class DESPITE an ugly coaching change. Idiots.
user avatar
Datbayoubengal82 months
Chase is an incredible WR and will be great at Florida. Good thing Louisiana has so many good WRs this year because it's going to be hard as hell to keep more than 1 or 2 of them with us. If we look like shite again through the air this year you can say bye bye to 5 star Marshall as well.
user avatar
FLObserver82 months
Not even worried according to the folks on here stars dont matter. We just get a bunch of 3 star guys and we are good. Wow this is looking like the old days of top instate guys leaving the state. 2 years in a row coach O. The guy that was suppose to be this great recruiter is not closing on the top talent and we are filling those holes lesser guys.
user avatar
emanresu82 months
Lots of sour grapes up in here.
user avatar
1BIGTigerFan82 months
I thought I was supposed to be excited about O as our coach because he would keep all the in state talent here...what am I missing?
user avatar
alumni9582 months
What you're missing is several things... 1) most everyone still has the bad taste of Miles/Cam offense fresh in their memory. 2) 5 of LA Top 10 recruits are WR. We have one of those committed and #15 committed as well. We were NOT getting all 5. 3) The only "miss" in the Top 10 so far is QB J Rogers (refer to reason #1)
user avatar
Lsuchs82 months
Long way to go. Let's see how our passing game looks this year, as well as UFs
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