Four-Star linebacker Michael Divinity from Marrero, LA (John Ehret), announced late Wednesday night that he has decommitted from LSU.

He will now announce his decision between LSU and Texas A&M on January 5th, according to his message on Twitter:

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Divinity, who is the No. 1 linebacker in Louisiana for the class of 2016, originally gave LSU his verbal pledge on October 11th.

For more info on Divinity, visit his profile page on our Recruiting Tracker.

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HHSTigerAlumni102 months
after seeing him in the dome, I don't see what all the hype is on this kid. After seeing some that have come into LSU as 4 and 5*s, its just a hype thing. Some don't live up to it.
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Boom_boom102 months
Look at me..look at me I'm important! But your not. Its amazing how its a grow arse mans job to hang on to every word these 18 year KIDS say. By the way they have no idea of what the word commitment means. Go to whatever school you please but this recruiting shite is out of hand.
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RealityTiger102 months
These kids are acting like teeny bopper girlfriends. "I wanna breakup" - just to get the attention. Will probably end up coming to LSU anyway.
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Spankum102 months
we can offer pretty much immediate playing time at a top-tier school...aTm can offer a dumpster fire for the foreseeable future...

if he is serious about de-comit with aTm as his choice, then he never intended to come here anyway...
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LSUbest102 months
I'd love to see him in P&G - but if not we will be fine Eaugh >>> Chavis. Tiger or Tigerbait baby!
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Mulerider102 months
Why is it football that has this commit, de-commit mentality? Why don't you ever hear of baseball or softball players doing this all the time? It has turned into nothing more than a "look at me" and self promotion sport.
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MasonTiger102 months
Want my attention/respect? Choose my school and perform according to your highschool hype. You'll get it 100%. Geaux Tigers
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SirWinston102 months
Mates, how abnormal is this? I don't remember us losing out on so many commits before.
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PaulT78102 months
This stuff is so funny to me. Who in west hell is writing these decomitment statements? Lol. Is it that serious. Lol.
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19102 months
aTm? I smell a Troll.
Is this gonna be the "two hats on the table, but look what fell on the floor" thing?
user avatar
Sev09102 months
"Every Single Word Capitalized."

It's a cultcha thing.
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LSU Patrick102 months
He must want some spotlight. I can't imagine that he would seriously change his mind to flip A&M at this point.
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lsuhunt555102 months
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Martini102 months
It is social media and the "look at me" of that. I'll watch next September.
user avatar
themunch102 months
Come be a Tiger man.
user avatar
Placebeaux102 months
You down wit BDP!?
user avatar
jacktown102 months
anymore classy kids like Kevin Toliver around?
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STRIPES102 months
This is why recruiting and rankings are such a joke.
Kids commit and then still have visits and communication
with other schools and coaches. Then "decommit" so they can dovthe "hat game" on TV. It is so pathetic. I refuse to watch these high school "all american" games for that reason.
I have gotten to the point where i yake recruiting " seriously on signing day. That's about it.
user avatar
Cracker102 months
Look at meeeeeeeee
user avatar
schwartzy102 months
We need a LB right away.
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