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LSU opened up the SEC Tournament on Thursday with a nice 76-68 win over Missouri in the second round.

The No. 5 seeded Tigers will now play No. 4 seed Arkansas on Friday at 1:30 p.m. CT (ESPN) in the quarterfinals.

Here's a look at LSU's updated NCAA Tournament seeding projection as of Friday morning:

LSU is No. 5 playing No. 12 Wyoming/Wake Forest
Playing in Milwaukee (East Bracket)

LSU is No. 5 playing No. 12 South Dakota State
Playing in Buffalo (Midwest Bracket)

LSU is 22-10 and has won six-of-its-last-nine games. The Tigers have a Net Rankings of 16.
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Although another weekend victory against Arkansas may not improve the seeding, I think LSU playing their best at this time is great for momentum and teamwork as they prepare mentally and physically for the NCAA tournament.
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I think a win today locks in a 5 seed. A loss and you may be a 6. I think you have to win the whole thing to potentially get to a 4
18 months
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Lot of past experience points to fact that this weekend results do not matter very much at all. Be glad to see improved seeding though. Watch where BAMA or Florida end up after falling flat yesterday
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Exactly. Unless you win the whole thing, it rarely improves the seed you would have got before the conference tourney.
18 months
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