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LSU (28-7) is ranked No. 15 in the final USA TODAY Coaches Poll for the 2018-19 season. The Tigers are the fourth highest SEC team in the poll behind Auburn, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

1. Virginia 35-3
2. Texas Tech 31-7
3. Michigan State 32-7
4. Duke 32-6
5. Auburn 30-10
6. Gonzaga 33-4
7. Kentucky 30-7
8. Purdue 26-10
9. North Carolina 29-7
10. Tennessee 31-6
11. Michigan 30-7
12. Houston 33-4
13. Florida State 29-8
14. Virginia Tech 26-9
15. Louisiana State 28-7
16. Kansas 26-10
17. Buffalo 32-4
18. Wofford 30-5
19. Kansas State 25-9
20. Villanova 26-10
21. Oregon 25-13
22. Maryland 23-11
23. Nevada 29-5
24. Wisconsin 23-11
25. Iowa State 23-12

Schools Dropped Out:
No. 24 Cincinnati, No. 25 Marquette, No. 25 Utah State.

Others Receiving Votes:
Central Florida 79; Cincinnati 62; Murray State 39; Marquette 31; Washington 26; Baylor 21; Iowa 18; Utah State 14; UC Irvine 11; Oklahoma 11; Louisville 8; Liberty 8; Ohio State 7; Arizona State 6; Mississippi State 6; Seton Hall 6; Texas 2; Florida 2; Minnesota 2.
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Give or take a couple of spots, I have no problem with where LSU is ranked. Like it or not we all know these polls take into account program power/tradition as well as wins and losses. This helps us in football. Not so much in basketball. Plus, our season didn't end on the brightest of notes following the WW suspension, 2-2 with wins over Yale and Maryland. Dropped us from 10th to 15th.
Reply15 days
Auburn got robbed all the way around.
Reply16 days
If u ain't first your last- 'Ricky Bobby'
Reply16 days
Auburn was in the “final 4”. How can they not be in the top 4
Reply16 days
But....f them though
15 days
The most worthless poll in sports, and the rankings reflect that.
Reply16 days
What a joke. Tennessee was eliminated in the same round as LSU and did not win a title. Kentucky lost one round further than LSU and did not win a title. Absolute joke.
Reply16 days
LSU won the regular sec season championship for goodness sake! I think about 10th would be fair.
Reply16 days
this is a slap in the God damn face
Reply16 days
Virginia must have won last night. I didn't even notice until now. lol
Reply16 days
So cool
16 days
not cool, just forgetful
16 days
You have to love how Jay Williams and much of that espn crew was comparing Duke to NBA teams haha. I don't think an NBA team would have finished with 6 losses.
Reply16 days
How do you win the SEC and get ranked 4th in the SEC with wins over other 4 that's ranked higher and have the same win/loss record?
Reply16 days
How do you win the SEC and get ranked 4th in the SEC with wins over other 4 that's ranked higher and have the same win/loss record?
Reply16 days
Straight disrespectful
Reply16 days
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