It's a weird way to say happy birthday, but it's cool to see Shaq's student ID from LSU...

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pkf4lsu24 months
I still have mine.
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tigerMike24 months
Yep i had one of dem
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alumni9524 months
Can 100% confirm that is an accurate ID from 1991-92 school year.
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OU81224 months
I still have mine from NLU circa 1990
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wartiger200424 months
Wait I thought ID’s are racist?
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pecxs24 months
I just check mine in the album box. I don‘t have sticker. I graduated in 93.
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jfootball1424 months
Why would someone want this?
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SouthernInsanity24 months
I have a Cc size high school diploma... big whoop.
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skiboman124 months
It’s not a diploma or graduation certificate, it is an ID card. Anyway, who the hell asks for a high school diploma?
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ellesssuuu24 months
I have mine too and they put SS number on it
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goodgrin24 months
I still have my student ID from 1992 too. I had forgotten about those stickers they put on the ID.
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Gumbo124 months
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