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re: Louisiana Lagniappe

Posted by ellesssuuu on 6/22/24 at 6:41 am
One of my favorite places to eat ...

re: Barber in BR area

Posted by ellesssuuu on 6/20/24 at 11:15 am
i second Glamour Cuts on Jefferson...

re: WSJ on Raising Cane’s

Posted by ellesssuuu on 6/17/24 at 7:27 pm
Totally agree. Was in Daphne this weekend and picked up two boxes with queso on one of the fries total was 18. You get me one more finger it was much cheaper and tasted much better ...

re: Wi-Fi cost BR

Posted by ellesssuuu on 6/4/24 at 2:59 pm
If you have AT&T fiber available switch to them. I did last year cut my bill in half and still get 1 gig...

re: Gif of Missed Fly

Posted by ellesssuuu on 6/3/24 at 9:10 pm
Game wasn’t played in Alex Box...
Just recruit someone who can catch a fly ball ...

re: Anyone else’s wife happy?

Posted by ellesssuuu on 6/3/24 at 8:46 pm
My wife is upset Jake Brown can’t catch a fly ball ...
You are a fricking idiot if you think that is interference ...

re: Vitello is the tigers daddy

Posted by ellesssuuu on 5/26/24 at 7:55 pm
Not at all but you pussies need to know your place ...