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Cracker20 days
Who I the up we got GPS cord yet?
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Bucky_B20 days
I just want Umps that have common sense. And rules that make common sense. like why would you have a judgment call that scores a run not be available for review??? because the umps have to make their money too!! but they cant manipulate a home run. so some ump is in trouble with the mob can count on that
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TX Tiger20 days
Not necessarily. You've got the spread, you've got prop bets. etc. It's not just win/lose that are "manipulated."
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cajunmud20 days
On a similar note...watching Skenes the other day...why don't we have that strike zone view with the overlay lines directly in line with the mound/plate on EVERY baseball/softball game? Make room in the outfield to put a camera up there and put it there. Let me be see it damnit!
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Scotcho Libre21 days
The catcher never stepped on the plate.
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tiger chaser20 days
And he caught the ball before taking a step to tag the runner. All legit moves
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Vernonbrew2221 days
What a horse shite call ump.
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mattchewbocca21 days
Unbelievable! Go Tigers!!!
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KennabraTiger21 days
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RockChalkTiger21 days
Yeah, he was hot. Because, even though it didn’t bite you this time, the conference officiating system is still broken. Absolutely no excuse for that clown show shite in a conference tournament semifinal. Just put the robot umps in. Can’t be any worse than these morons!
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TigersJump21 days
Keep asking for robots. That’s exactly what they want. You’ll get it much faster than you know all across the board and it isn’t for the betterment of humanity. That’s a given. Watch what you ask for as you definitely will get it.
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K Baw21 days
After that shite show is not a good time to politic for human umps bro. Wait for a better day like when the lights go out or something.
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K2LAW20 days
I’d love to know how a robot would have caught (or not caught) that
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markthetiger21 days
Get’em Jay! He’s our coach!!!
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