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Tennessee head coach Tony Vitello spoke to the media after the Vols were eliminated from the College World Series on Tuesday and was asked if he has had any communication with LSU regarding their vacant coaching position?

Per RockyTopInsider:

“No I’ve not, had zero. And I just made an idiot out of myself at least for all the masculine folks watching, by getting teary-eyed about these kids. That’s where my focus has been. Like I said, the social life hasn’t been existent for quite some time well before our opening-day game. Part of that is I want to do as good of a job for the school that gave me a chance. And I want to do as good of a job for a group that we thought could go pretty far.”
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GeauxsomeMeaux32 months
user avatar
Fstez6332 months
No I have not. I had zero.
user avatar
TigerCoon32 months
Later, he'll explain "no, you didn't misunderstand what I said or didn't say."
user avatar
Cherry Cheesecake32 months
Double negative.....he has not had zero, meaning he has had some.
user avatar
CaptainYaYa32 months
Woodward is going to have to throw another “Mulkey Party” when he finally names a coach after all this drama.
user avatar
That's the same answer I gave my wife when she ask if I took a stripper during my bachelor party.
user avatar
LSU61532 months
Even if he weren't coming, why would he emphatically state "no" and lessen his pay raise from Tennessee?
user avatar
tigersquad8932 months
He didn’t state no. He stated no, he has not had zero. Which means he’s had some contact with LSU.
user avatar
Tigers4Lyfe32 months
Maybe he has morals and follows the commandment Thou Shall Not Lie.
user avatar
young man tiger32 months
There you have it. He’s not had no communication with LSU. Pretty slick wording from the next Tiger baseball coach.
user avatar
MaximillianPayne32 months
Sounds like something someone would say on their way out the door. Thanks Vols for giving me a chance. I love these kids no matter what. But I'm moving on now.
user avatar
HeadSlash32 months
He hasn't, doesn't mean his agent hasn't
user avatar
ByUselves32 months
Ok, moar coach speak! We will see what happens after the CWS, for now let him enjoy the BBQ!
user avatar
PsychTiger32 months
I'm not going to be the Alabama coach.
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