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Kendall Rogers of D1 Baseball is reporting that the SEC will alter its scheduling format beginning in 2025 when Texas and Oklahoma come into the conference.

The SEC has released future scheduling information that confirms Rogers' report:


Regular season: Each season a team will play a three-game series against two permanent opponents and eight rotating opponents, for a total of 30 conference games. Standings will be kept in a single-division format.

SEC Baseball Tournament: Format to be determined.
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DeafVallyBatnR12 months
If the do rotate SEC Baseball tournament. That means it negotiated Jerry World as a site. Possibly Houston. Texas and Norman are far away for fans to get to Hoober every year. If this happens it opens the door for SEC Football championship venue to rotate also.
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kjntgr12 months
Will never happen
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stang1412 months
If they rotate baseball tournament out of Hoover. Time to get football championship out of the cesspool of crap which is Atlanta.
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Boudreaux Jones12 months
Because not all states could host it. NOLA & Houston, that's about it.
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sportsaddit6812 months
I actually wonder if they will leave the SEC Tournament in Hoover or rotate it closer to some other teams or something.
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Tiger2tiger9712 months
I think Mississippi State will be 1 and possibly Arkansas
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NebraskaExPat12 months
And I imagine no one wants LSU as a permanent opponent.
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hogminer12 months
I want LSU and Ole Miss personally.
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ForeverLSU0212 months
Odds that we get UT as a permanent opponent?
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TopWaterTiger 12 months
F everyone. Do away w the cupcakes. Nobody wants to see LSU play Samford.
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Miganey12 months
Does that mean they will overhaul the playoff format as well? Hope so
user avatar
BillyMadison12 months
I approve.
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