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The Florida Gators are the favorite to win the 2015 College World Series at 5-2, followed by LSU at 11-4.

Here are the full odds courtesy of

Florida 5/2
LSU 11/4
Vanderbilt 4/1
Miami Florida 9/2
TCU 9/1
Arkansas 10/1
CS Fullerton 14/1
Virginia 14/1
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nol1wph105 months
Basically, all 8 of these teams are coming into the CWS on a hot streak. So it really is anybody's tournament to win. As many have mentioned before, timing is everything. Good pitching and timely hitting for LSU will be the difference for the Tigers...
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joeytiger105 months
I'll take Vandy at 4-1. LSU bats better wake up or it will be another quick trip in Omaha.
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BayouBengal99105 months
I think LSU had lots of pressure on them at home during the reginals and supers. Now that they are away from the box but will basically still be home team, they will play anyone tuff. LSU, FL will both be tuff. Both play great D, can pitch and have some great hitting. LSU has played better away this year and have the veteran lineup to win these games. All have been there and know what to do. FL is young but talented, will their youngsters be able to beat a more veteran team with it all on the line? We will see but I like LSU's chances this year! GT
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tigernation56105 months
lsu will be fine all players were concerned about draft that's over now it's time to kick butt.
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andys4lsu105 months
I got 4/1 on LSU 2 weeks ago in Vegas.
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SamuelClemens105 months
Be hard for Vandy to repeat. I like LSU, I could see UF winning it.
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theBru105 months
So, if all goes as planned, CSF and UVA will. Be in the finals?
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themunch105 months
So, there is a chance?
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JS87105 months
"LSU is not playing like the team with second best odds. Vandy and UF are steamrolling people."

LSU's bats need to wake up. It's their pitching that got them through the Regional and Super.
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LSU Patrick105 months
Florida is hot, blah, blah, blah.
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Lsu101205105 months
If the pitching stays where its at and our offense gets hot...

Well... good luck to the other teams.
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Sid in Lakeshore105 months
Odds are damn near a toss-up between Florida and LSU. Hmmmm. Seems like few believe that.
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LSUTigersVCURams105 months
I'm not scared of Lolida. Vandy's bullpen is legit scary.
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CaptainJ47105 months
Vandy at 4-1 is attractive
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TheCaterpillar105 months
LSU is not playing like the team with second best odds. Vandy and UF are steamrolling people.
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