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The 2023 MLB Draft concluded on Tuesday afternoon with a record 13 players selected from LSU's National Championship roster.

The mark surpasses the previous school record of 10 LSU players drafted in 2013. Here's a rundown of where the drafted Tigers ended up:

Round 1:
Paul Skenes - Pitcher (No. 1 overall – Pittsburgh Pirates)
Dylan Crews - Centerfielder (No. 2 overall – Washington Nationals)
Ty Floyd - Pitcher (No. 38 overall – Cincinnati Reds)

Round 2:
Grant Taylor - Pitcher (No. 51 overall – Chicago White Sox)

Round 3:
Tre’ Morgan - First baseman/outfielder (No. 88 overall – Tampa Bay Rays)

Round 6:
Gavin Dugas - Second baseman (No. 165 overall – Washington Nationals)

Round 11:
Garrett Edwards - Pitcher (No. 333 overall – Tampa Bay Rays)

Round 12:
Blake Money - Pitcher (No. 361 overall – Baltimore Orioles)
Brayden Jobert - Outfielder (No. 365 overall – St. Louis Cardinals)

Round 13:
Riley Cooper - Pitcher (No. 391 overall – Baltimore Orioles)

Round 15:
Jordan Thompson - Shortstop (No. 460 overall – Los Angeles Dodgers)

Round 16:
Javen Coleman - Pitcher (No. 490 overall – Los Angeles Dodgers)

Round 19:
Christian Little - Pitcher (No. 576 overall – New York Mets)

LSU players that went undrafted include Alex Milazzo, Hayden Travinski, Cade Beloso, Nate Ackenhausen, Ben Nippolt, and Bryce Collins.

LSU also had four high school signees selected:

Blake Mitchell - Catcher (Round 1, Pick 8) - Kansas City Royals
Jake Brown - Pitcher (Round 16, Pick 471) - Texas Rangers
Cam Johnson - Pitcher (Round 20, Pick 605) - St. Louis Cardinals
Ashton Larson - Outfielder/first baseman (Round 20, Pick 597) - Minnesota Twins
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user avatar
wesman2111 months
I'd count the signees as well. Should include all ties to LSU, up the numbers, we earned them!
user avatar
The Mick11 months
Certainly I'm dumb, but how is the 38th overall pick a first rounder? (30 MLB teams total)
user avatar
Gorilla Ball11 months
Baseball has added pics that are included in various rounds. Sone happen to added to the first round
user avatar
Beef Tits11 months
Some teams have multiple picks via trades etc
user avatar
BayouTigers4Life11 months
7 pitchers lost in the draft plus 2 signees. The pitching coach's gonna have to earn his paycheck next season.
user avatar
CDawson11 months
Your upside is off the chart when you don't make an appearance or throw a single pitch and you're selected in the second round!
user avatar
Geaux Guy11 months
Cool but we saw what happened post 2019. However you look at it, that’s a tough rebuild.
user avatar
CDawson11 months
NIL makes it a whole lot easier. Not sure its a tougher rebuild than what it took to get to 2023.
user avatar
idlewatcher11 months
What does this mean? “ LSU also had four high school signees selected”
user avatar
gizmothepug11 months
Players committed to LSU but were drafted in the MLB Draft, the NFL and MLB drafts aren’t the same. A baseball player can be drafted out of high school, not football.
user avatar
LSUNZ11 months
Don’t know much about Mitchell but seems odd a top 10 pick considered going to college, surely he knew he was a first rounder. Must be one helluva pitcher.
user avatar
TigerB811 months
Those high school players/signees aren't necessarily leaving for MLB because they got drafted. It's a gamble the MLB teams have to take(using a pick on a player that may refuse and stay with college path) The catcher Blake Mitchell may go since he was selected with the 8th pick in round 1, but who knows.
user avatar
YMCA11 months
Based on this article it looks like LSU only set the school record. Does anyone know the record for the team/college with the most players drafted in a single MLB draft? I searched and didn’t see anything.
user avatar
CDawson11 months
School record and only 20 rounds. The draft used to be 3X as many selections.
user avatar
lsuson11 months
Cam Johnson come on down!
user avatar
LSU82Cajun11 months
If they have eligibility left ( from the 11th round on)who stays & who goes . The newcomers selected from the 16-20 ?
user avatar
tke_swamprat11 months
Coleman and Little will probably be back. The other guys will probably all sign. Mitchell should be the only freshman that LSU will lose.
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