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LSU's overall record: 16-8
Record last week: 0-3

Collegiate Baseball: NR (Last Week: No. 14)

Perfect Game: NR (LW: No. 17)

D1 NR (LW: No. 22)

Baseball America: NR (LW: NR)

Last Week’s Results:
March 26 (Fri.) – at # 9 Tennessee (L, 1-3)
March 27 (Sat.) – at # 9 Tennessee (L, 8-9 – 11 innings)
March 28 (Sun.) – at # 9 Tennessee (L, 2-3 – 8 innings)

This Week’s Schedule:
March 30 (Tue.) – SOUTH ALABAMA, 6:30 p.m. CT (SEC Network +)
April 1 (Thu.) – # 1 VANDERBILT, 6:30 p.m. CT (SEC Network +)
April 2 (Fri.) – # 1 VANDERBILT, 8 p.m. CT (ESPNU)
April 3 (Sat.) – # 1 VANDERBILT, 2 p.m. CT (SEC Network +)
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user avatar
ChunkyLover5435 months
Rightfully so. Who gets swept?
user avatar
Vernonbrew2235 months
Could have used one of those wins in Knoxville
user avatar
DaleGribblesMower35 months
What a disgrace
user avatar
Cosmo35 months
Vandy is gonna love LSU tenderly this weekend.
user avatar
6R1235 months
The world is ending blah blah. Well it is for the top 25.
user avatar
SirWinston35 months
I Volunteer to fire Manieri
user avatar
elcid35 months
Hey WOODY - Start the ball rolling with Dan McDonnell and give him an offer he can’t refuse.
user avatar
reauxl tigers35 months
user avatar
vjp81935 months
CPM has us back to pre-Skip days. The good news is, soon everyone who wants a grandstand seat will be able to have one.
user avatar
takemking35 months
I'm trusting Scott Woodward to right the ship after the season. That'll be sooner than later because at this rate we won't even make the SEC tourney.
user avatar
redbullwings35 months
user avatar
Champs35 months
user avatar
Pope Alexander VI35 months
tDecline is real.
user avatar
rob6235 months
Can we please fire Maineiri now. This is just pathetic. The sight of CPM sitting in the dugout with his head down in the 4th inning when it was a 1 run game says it all. The guy has zero interest in LSU Baseball. He is just cashing checks. Damn.
user avatar
Jrv2damac35 months
I get he needs to go, but right now it probably wouldn’t make much sense. The season is a sunk cost either way.
user avatar
caliegeaux35 months
To Jrv: agreed the season is a sunk ship right now. But maybe making this intercom change gives them new life to have a season worth watching. I know seeing my head coach in the dugout looking defeated doesn’t exude much confidence in pretty much anything.
user avatar
caliegeaux35 months
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