71-Year Old Dude Brought His Ladder & Pickup Truck To Watch A High School Game
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
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CDawson41 months
Your government at work. When it's safer for a senior citizen to prop an 8' ladder in the bed of his truck and crawl to the top than to just sit in the bleachers and watch the game. Clown world
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VaBamaMan41 months
Moeller used to be a major high school powerhouse. Wonder how good they are these days.
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LesnarF541 months
Who won?
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foj198141 months
“Old dude” looks like he’s in pretty good shape.
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FinkyStinger41 months
Props to the old dude for maintaining his balance on top of an 8 footer in the bed of his truck. However, this is probably going to give all of the safety people an aneurysm.
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Redbone41 months
I'm 71. I've been in the bed of a truck on a 8' ladder. That's why I have a 12' ladder now. He may not be in such great shape for a 71 yr. old if he keeps that up.
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TFH41 months
Can confirm haha. I’m biting my tongue
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