East Catholic High School lefty pitcher Frank Mozzicato from Manchester, Connecticut Has Thrown 4 No
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
East Catholic High School lefty pitcher Frank Mozzicato from Manchester, Connecticut has casually pitched 4 straight no-hitters IN A ROW..

After a cancelled 2020 season, Mozzicato entered the year absent from’s Draft rankings but catapulted to No. 51 by mid-May. The southpaw, who’s a couple weeks shy of 18, already has a 60-grade curveball (which he’s been throwing with the same grip since he was 11 or 12), a fastball that’s ticked up to around 91-93 mph and a promising changeup.

“The problem [his freshman year] is that … his curveball … would bite a lot but land behind the plate. They’d call it a ball because he almost overmatched some of the J.V.-type umps,” Fiori said. “He had to make it a little bit loopy to make it a strike, and he would still throw it because he wanted to be successful.”
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SECdragonmaster35 months
That is nothing. I bet he could not fake a soccer kick with his right foot and boot it high with his left - then blow kisses to the camera. Signed, the OT soccer lovers.
user avatar
TOSOV35 months
Solid unis by mew balance. Didn't know they had gotten into the uniform game.
user avatar
arcalades35 months
not that big of a deal. There's always a few high school pitchers who are borderline professionally good, and they're playing against mostly guys who can't make high school all conference. I played 2x in high school against the #1 pitcher in the country who played major league the next year.
user avatar
saturday35 months
I believe you.
user avatar
brett40835 months
Frank is a surprisingly normal name. Would have thought it would have been a little more Denham Springsey.
user avatar
sportjunkie6935 months
Word. I was expecting something really Denham 'Ben'.
user avatar
tjtiger935 months
Why has this kid been throwing a curveball since 11 or 12. Probably gonna arm damage first couple of years in pros, I hope not
user avatar
Meauxjeaux35 months
Someone should inform Baseball America not to film from directly behind the plate.
user avatar
newmexicotiger35 months
The runner on second during the first at bat was hit by a pitch
user avatar
Tiger in NY35 months
Kid played with my nephew. 6'4" lefty throwing 92 and is now projected as a supplemental 1st rounder. Committed to UConn.
user avatar
danilo35 months
What is that? $2M signing bonus?
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