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Here's golf legend John Daly dropping an incredible story of beating Tiger Woods wasted...

(The Spun)
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Floating Change Up22 months
Just Example #2,177 of how pussy kick's liquor's arse every time. Daly kills 3 bottles of crown... Tiger slayed 3 hoes in the same time frame. Tiger gets destroyed on the course.
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eddieray22 months
He’s a degenerate
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zippyputt22 months
Yes tiger is!!
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DeafVallyBatnR22 months
Got drunk with John's brother Jamie in Dardanelle sometime around 2007. Confirmed that John and Jamie went 1 year to Zachary. I can't remember if it was HS or not.
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Meauxjeaux22 months
GOAT interview ending!
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LeClerc22 months
Heavy is the head...
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