Earlier in the week this terrifying scene unfolded on a golf course in Utah...
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The American Fork Public Works said the hole was created after a log went down the golf course’s river.

“Either causing a leak or bringing in part of that culvert that exacerbated the situation, started blocking water, and then it just became too overwhelming that it gave way,” explained Susan Goebel, Director of American Fork Public Works.
(The Spun)
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Timeoday11 months
Friggin' beavers did it!!
user avatar
luciouslou11 months
user avatar
HoustonGumbeauxGuy11 months
Finally, something exciting happens on a golf course
user avatar
Professor Terguson11 months
Just make it a really deep sand trap.
user avatar
Croot11 months
I think I could make that putt.
user avatar
YMCA11 months
Part of me wants to call them idiots for being anywhere near it, but the other part is ok with it and hopes they go down with the next patch of dirt and grass.
user avatar
GumboPot11 months
USA Today should roam the streets of NOLA. You can find these kinds of sinkholes from broken watermains on the regular.
user avatar
bengalman11 months
Buzz Lightyear...Idiots Everywhere!
user avatar
Cracker11 months
What an idiot
user avatar
Fightin Okra11 months
What a dumbass.
user avatar
ALhunter11 months
"Let me sit on the edge of an underground river that is actively collapsing the ground above it"
user avatar
bullyintigertown11 months
That's what using a metal or plastic culvert gets you. Concrete is the only way to go.
user avatar
HubbaBubba11 months
The dumbass was close being a Darwin award recipient.
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