Speaking to the media after the PGA Tour merged with LIV Golf this week, Commissioner Jay Monahan had a message for Woods and McIlroy...
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Sounds like those two are going to get paaaaaaaid.

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deathvalleytiger1013 months
But all of the rest of the tour players.....maybe not so much.
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Albino Potato13 months
Tiger was offered just under a billion dollars by LIV and he turned it down to stay with PGA. Just for them to eventually merge is a slap in the face to him. He kept them afloat. If he left they would’ve crumbled.
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atltiger648713 months
Complete vindication for Phil Mickelson, and complete humiliation and hypocrisy for PGA Tour Commish Moynihan and the other holier-than-thou PGA players like McIlroy, etc.
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jbird713 months
frick everyone else though
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TigerinKorea13 months
Is the PGA ready to pay Tiger $900 mil to make staying worth it?
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Gene Heinous13 months
Traitor gophers and fat cats sold out their country to the unpunished Saudi Arabian 9-11 murderers. How low can our country go???
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Hellmet13 months
frick golf, never watch it again.
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