Body cam footage from Scottie Scheffler's arrest at the PGA Championship earlier this month has just surfaced and you can hear the world's best golfer admitting he "should have stopped" for the cop who was barking orders at him outside the major event...
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(TMZ Sports)
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DeafVallyBatnR23 days
Cop had no reason to jump on his car and he actually hit him. I would not have gotten out either.
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TyOconner25 days
Hope that cop gets torched.
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DFWTigah4Life25 days
This is not complimentary to police officers anywhere. This kind of heavy handed behavior and verbal bullying give fuel to the anti-cop radicals waiting to find issue with any authority figure. I still back the blue, but this time they need to admit they were wrong, and appologize..
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Zzyzx25 days
This is completely moronic. There’s a huge a difference between a Police Officer and Security Guard.

You absolutely don’t stop and get out of the car if “absolutely anybody tells you to stop”
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ALhunter25 days
Exactly... from his statement, it sounds like the security guards are often mistaken or fail to realize who players are.
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cajunmud24 days
I think I've seen a lot of Dateline and other true crimes shows where the cop or security guard DID IT...haha.
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9th Green At 925 days
Fck that officer. So if a junkie wanting to stab me and steal my wallet tells me to get out of the car, I supposed to just do so. Officer needs to get slapped with some respect. Fck hiim. I firmly believe had Scottie known it was a police officer, he would have complied.
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chinhoyang25 days
If this had been some young brother, there would have been more charges and the charges would not be dropped.
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If it had been a young brother he probably wouldn’t be going to play golf
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markthetiger25 days
and would the young brother be doing something else besides trying to play golf?
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CAD703X25 days
El oh El. Ok.
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