Mark Wahlberg Had This Awesome Golf Practice Complex In His Backyard
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Actor Mark Wahlberg loves his golf. He also has a lot of money. And when you put those two things together you get to do things like have this amazing golf practice complex in your backyard...

Shout out to Dominic Nappi and his crew at Back Nine Greens. They built an unbelievable golf practice complex in my backyard. #BestArtificialTurf

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user avatar
ItNeverRains96 months
Say "hi" to your mother for me
user avatar
LSUfan444496 months
White privilege
user avatar
Jwho7796 months
user avatar
pjab96 months
Looks like a fun bunch
user avatar
Placebeaux96 months
Yeah can you feel it baby ca ca come on and swing it
user avatar
ForLSU5696 months
OH what money can do.....
user avatar
DeafVallyBatnR96 months
Is that real grass?
user avatar
skullopener96 months
user avatar
9th Green At 996 months
I bet turtle will slay some bitches on that turf
user avatar
Larry, when did you first realize that you have the Zika?
user avatar
ellunchboxo96 months
What do you mean had?
user avatar
TigerFanatic9996 months
frick chipping out of those hazards.
user avatar
Sterling Archer96 months
Need more pics
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