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Tiger Woods had some fun with the fans at the 2022 JP McManus Pro-Am on Tuesday, asking which club he should use on the Par 3 at Adare Manor...
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CaptainJ4720 months
Nice video. Great shot
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Lucky Loper20 months
Seems to be happy inside now and at a good place in life. Good for Tiger
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blueboxer111920 months
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SuperOcean20 months
181 ..8 iron on a day that requires a long sleeves and jacket

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CDawson20 months
I went to the Masters this year and watched him hit on the practice range for a couple of days. No one, and I mean no one, is as good as Tiger on any shots I watched. From long irons, shorts irons to wedges, he was putting 25 shots on a piece of plywood. He simply cannot walk the course at this point. Skill wise, he was unmatched in handling clubs and shots in practice.
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BobABooey20 months
I’d advise him to use a driver. Now, for the golf shot, hmmmm…
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