Golfer Withdraws From U.S. Open For Bizarre Reason
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On Friday, Viktor Hovland withdrew from the major championship after getting sand in his eye while hitting a bunker shot during his warm-ups before the second round. He tried to battle through the injury, but withdrew and received medical attention...

“First time for everything,” Hovland wrote on Instagram. “Hit a bunker shot in my warm up today and caught some sand in my left eye. Typically, when faced with such an unfortunate circumstance, the remedial action is to blink a few times for the sand to clear. However, the unique San Diego sand decided to linger. Much like the stubborn belly fat we all possess even after countless of hours of cardio. After coming to terms with reality, my tee time time was quickly approaching. With a greatly diminished eyesight in the oculus sinister (left eye), the plan of attack was to try not to implode on the first few holes in order to have a chance to make the cut when eye sight had been regained.

“After miraculously remaining unscathed for the first four holes, I sensed some improvement. I had just enough hope to keep going. A few more bogeys inevitably ensued and on hole 18 (my 9th hole), the slowly improving vision took a turn for the worse. We were back to where we started. The inkling of hope that was once present had sought refuge elsewhere. To withdraw, or not to withdraw. That was the question. All jokes aside, hate to withdraw but will be back soon. Thanks for the messages.”

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soccerfüt37 months
You’ll pollute your eye out!
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I’ll never understand why Americans prefer golf to tennis.
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LSUvet7237 months
Viktor is no wimp and to withdraw took guts He will be back to win many majors - book it
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Tigrdynasty37 months
Rinse your fricking eye out immediately. "Blink a few times" to rid sand from the eye? That bawdy ain't too bright
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BurntOrangeMan37 months
Corneal abrasion. The sand scratched his eyeball. I had the exact same thing happen at a club event. You can battle through it for a round & shoot 10-15 strokes over your handicap, but it’s brutally painful & meaningless to try to compete in an individual sport.
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TBass8237 months
I’ve had two “severe” corneal abrasions in my life and they are miserable. When I got my first one it hurt to keep my eye open, and hurt even worse to close it. Ended up at the ER.
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idlewatcher37 months
Sandy eye for a sandy vag
user avatar
GumplandTiger37 months
Go close one eye and try to hit a golf ball. You have no depth perception.
user avatar
HubbaBubba37 months
I've seen excuses for poor play before that were like, "I didn't warm up", "crick in my neck", "stayed up too late", "tendonitis", "had sex before playing", but "sand in my eye" is a new one.
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