'Wheel of Fortune' Contest Loses On A Lame Technicality
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Another heartbreaking loss on Wheel of Fortune this week due to a lame technicality. During Wednesday's episode, contestant Chris Davidson was set up for an easy solve and a trip to Puerto Rico worth $8,400, but...
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kjntgr23 months
Can we get a WHEEL OF FORTUNE Page?
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cypresstiger23 months
Yes, he should have argued that he was saying, "Uhhh..." and making a guess.
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Northshoretiger8723 months
Sounded more like the “aaaa” that most people add to start off anything they say. If I was the guy, I’d be out there arguing I had a natural stutter and WoF was unsympathetic.
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SECdragonmaster23 months
Dumb rule.
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CaptainsWafer23 months
The rules are to answer exactly what’s on the board.
user avatar
He said exactly what was on the board.
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